Find out why Terry Crews loves myPlan

In today’s episode of Up To Speed, hosts Raquel and Jen came to us from Basking Ridge to recap all the exciting details about myPlan, and some ways V Teamers and their friends and families can save big. We even built a massive Verizon sign outside the office, giving our V Teamers and customers a chance to be at the center of it all – literally! Most importantly, the one and only Terry Crews joined us from the Verizon store in Hudson Yards to share why he loves myPlan – and to give us a flex, of course.

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Verizon has both a customer satisfaction problem and a customer retention problem. Here are some ideas. Giving all their customer access to the ultra wideband 5G mmW network (where available) would go a long way to fixing it. It would be amazing if Verizon would give single line smartphone customers the freedom to choose lower priced plans (under $60) without sacrificing access to ultra wideband 5G mmW and premium data or using Visible+ (which doesn’t have the same highly sought name recognition and pedigree as the Verizon name).

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