Eye on China: The Race for 5G, A Bromance with Russia & A Tech Crackdown | The Day by day Present

This is China: A Tech Crackdown, A Race to 5G, A Bromance, and China’s Function in Africa. #DailyShow

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38 replies on “Eye on China: The Race for 5G, A Bromance with Russia & A Tech Crackdown | The Day by day Present”

I just want to say, most Chinese workers do not wish to leave motherland to go to Africa for 560dollars a month , that’s a normal wage in China. But to start a project you need some specialist to lead, these Chinese workers finally end their work abroad once work is streamlined in Africa.

Hi ! …..I'm a envious, half-white, high-yellow, self-loathing, foreigner who hates America, and rags on it as if I actually have a say in this land; that is so much greater than the jihadist enclave cesspool that my own country has become…I don't actual believe any of the political partisan garbage they have me read and regurgitate…but the Marxist and socialist that hate this country but refuse to live anywhere else like Iran its made me rich …so I'll keep pretending to be one of the antifa-comrades and blm racist….as long as it affords me to live the capitalist dream I have grown accustomed to… thanks ! ( ya suckers ! )

No surprise that it's a political move. They do the same thing in the Caribbean and other developing countries. It's about building influence and eventually they'll have enough to alter policies within the countries.

To understand why China want to invest Africa you need to try to think as a Chinese. We are not rich as US and Europe and we still have 1.4 trillion people to feed. All those high profit business are controlled by west countries like High Tech or Medical industry. So we need to figure out the solutions the solve our employment problems. Invest Africa is just one way we tried. And for those people who said it's a debt trap. Remember these is no free lunch in the world. The money we in invested is made by our own. So is there anything wrong with it? And at least unlike European we did not trade African people to other place instead we made infrustructure and crate jobs for them

China doing what Europeans did when they settled in the USA . They will come back and take over. They need to take over the worldand the USA and implant BIDEN, PELOSI and Hunter in people's brains. They can easily take America with that on social media.

Yes, we are using Africa, so what! As a Chinese, I wish my government to be more aggressive, rather than taking advantage from the poor blacks, it should bomb the west upside down

This video is totally out of sense just to cause more hatred towards China without actually clearing anything out there. And about Africa, you know how much regulations IMF made against the countries for so little loan? How about people lives there? China’s money at least actually improved people lives over there. Not to mention so much debts that are released already.

the debt trap problem has been debunked by bloomberg investigative journalists. You can find it on youtube. China just cares about exporting its production surplus and maintain employment at home. So the distorsion created abroad is in fact a byproduct. Like said, nothing's coming from the heart. The reason some countries chose to align with China is that listening to the IMF has not helped them for the last 50 years. And China share the same experience of AFrican countries to grow from a level of poverty no Western countries can identify with

Trevor, just like John Oliver, could not provide totally “objective, unbiased, outsider” perspectives as I have hoped. They do sometimes end up regurgitating some old propaganda and worse, lies and misinformation. So does Bill Maher. Unfortunately, it’s a sad turn of the event for the relevancy of their work.

Colonization is happening all over again. Look at China now! We are in for such a freedom mess. New leaders and systems need to be developed same mistakes era after era yet it's said we've evolved. Sure. Let's hope after Starlin pt2

Trevor, go back there start a garment factory, whatever Factory or whatever job you're are gonna create, little or big, it does help the community there, and your already have a platform to make a difference, keep bragging and working 💪. Just do it.

If Chinese management and investors earn more than local employees, and that's evil. what about Apple against chinese workers who are actually making apple products? Apple is EVIL?

At least China didn’t sell a single salve or started one war in Africa! China helped to build Infrastructure, hospitals and network. What did other counties do in last Century? China is The best foreign country who really helped Africa. What’s the Average income in Africa for the same job? I bet it’s less than what Chinese factory salary. Most Africa countries are so messed up that they don’t do anything, can’t get anything done and never understood they need to pay off the debts. If you can’t collect any debts, by law you can claim for assets! And you know what, It’s not a Communist world, so it has to be Capitalism! Stop being Racist and double standard. China is the only country really teaches Africans skills and develop tech in Africa! The other countries just want to Take the resources in Africa and make Africa as poor as miserable as possible, such as USA. China has much better banking system than crypto so don’t use your limited knowledge to judge what’s going on in China.

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