Evolution of NATO membership (1949-2020)

Evolution of NATO membership (1949-2020)

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A few nitpicky remarks:

* Algeria was part of NATO from 1949 until 1962 (by virtue of being an integral part of founding member France)
* Angola, Guinea-Bissau, Mozambique et al. were part of NATO from 1949 until 1975 (by virtue of being integral parts of founding member Portugal)
* Greenland was part of NATO from 1953 until 1979 (by virtue of being an integral part of founding member Denmark) and, arguably, remains NATO territory to this day
* East Germany became part of NATO in 1990, not in 1949
* Alaska and Hawaii became part of NATO in 1959, not in 1949

Nerdy bonus facts:

* French Guyana had became part of France 3 years before France co-founded NATO
* Newfoundland had become part of Canada just 1 month before Canada co-founded NATO

They have indeed. But not other nuclear powers so Russia doesn’t need to worry about invasion from NATO.

Eastern European countries have solid proof that they need help defending themselves from Russia.

Originally Danish colonies, Greenland became self-governing in 1953, as did the Faroe Islands in 1948. According to the Danish Constitution, the Danish government is responsible for the foreign and security interests of all parts of the Kingdom so both the Faroe Islands and Greenland have been covered by the North Atlantic Treaty ever since Denmark joined in 1949. This remained the case, even after Greenland was granted home rule in 1979

there are too many things wrong with this map…

1) greenland is part of denmark

2) only west germany was a founding member, east germany only gecame part of NATO when the two countries united

3) algeria was legally a part of mainland france in 1949, which means it was a founding member

4) you cant just use modern borders throughout the whole time period

5) theres a few more wrong things like some territories like fench guiana, puerto rico and hawaii being included/not included in the wording of the treaty

Putin has done an excellent job at marketing the key selling points of NATO, or as the French like to call it, OTAN.

The French were always a bit backwards with certain things.

And not a single country had to be invaded. Russia should have tried diplomacy as a strategy but, unfortunately, reptiles just can’t get past the middle brain response.

All the neoliberal imperial powers today are unified under NATO. Inter-imperial conflict is almost non-existent currently, NATO acts as a cartel that enforces the hegemony of its members over the world. Fighting global oppression begins and ends with opposing NATO.

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