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Everybody is familiar with the vintage Victorious figures like Cat Valentine, Tori Vega, and Jade West… but are there some you’ve got forgotten about? What about Kesha? Ponnie? The Slap’s Apprentices? We could go on and on, so get pleasure from this compilation of each Victorious character in Nickelodeon background!

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The NickRewind channel is the Official residence of your favourite ‘00s sitcoms and NickToons. Which is right—we’re chatting all of your slime-lined Nickelodeon childhood goals appear real! Get the total appreciate drama from Partnership Timelines, see your fave characters like Sam Puckett’s Most Savage Moments, or obtain out what OG Nick stars like Devon Werkheiser or Daniella Monet are up to now with Nick Reacts and Throwback with Nick! Tune in each and every week for distinctive digital written content from all of your throwback favorites like Victorious, iCarly, Sam & Cat, Drake & Josh, Zoey 101, and so a great deal additional!


35 replies on “Every single Victorious Character Ever! ⭐️ | NickRewind”

I want them back so badly 😢 …pretty sure this is gonna be a massive hit if they come back again !!! Which is not possible actually 🥲🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

Could you PLEASE Upload a video that involves any nicktoon, game show or anything from the 80s 90s and early 00s PLEASE    
No more love drama    
No more Savage Moments   
I Really want the 80s, 90s and early 00s back Please Please PLEASE!
and will there a Season 12 of the All That Reboot?

I just really wish this show haven't ended so abruptly. I bet all of the victorious fans will agree with me, that they did not get a Fair ending. That wasn't necessarily an ending. It was just a, intermission. I'm keeping my hopes up that one day. Paramount plus, nickelodeon. Netflix, or Hulu. Would bring our beloved TV show back on its feet.

I love Victorious it was a great show it should had another season my favorite part is where Jade found a cup of coffee in the trash then she gave it to Tori then Tori gave the coffee to her sister that was the best part I would laugh so hard I miss that show

I love Robbie the most. I like how he dresses, always tucking his shirt in something most guys today don’t do, he just seems different and he’s funny. He has some flaws but he’s funny.

Such a shame and an irony that Spencer Shay is listed in 7:10 but not Freddie Benson. In case you wondered, he was one of the uncredited audiences in Trina's accident play.

Before anyone freaks out, sorry for spamming the comment section BTW

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