Elon Musk’s offer you to Twitter

Elon Musk’s offer to Twitter

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49 replies on “Elon Musk’s offer you to Twitter”

I’m sure the little snowflakes that work there will want their coloring books and puppies so they can deal with this information!

Jesus. Turning down that offer would be financially irresponsible.

All the shareholders gain, they’d have to be cutting off their nose just to spite their face to decline.

This is surreal. I’m not sure I have ever seen such open disclosure of such a deal before.

Also as a side note “*… $54.20 per share in cash…*”. As childish as it is, I would love to see the suitcase this cash would come in. That would be about $40-something billion.

1. The employees will sabotage him as walking out.
2. The butt hurt on the left over the “fear” of free speech is fascinating. How can we lose the simplest of debate with such people?

He’s introduced his own poison pill and it’s brilliant. If his offer is declined, he has indicated he will sell his stake. Others will undoubtedly follow. A massive sell-off would cause chaos. The company will implode.

This is the free market in action. It’s going to be glorious no matter how it plays out.

This is incredible and Musk is a hero

The leftists are being figuratively torched this year and they deserve it

Enjoy the squeals and moans of their mentally captured followers all over Reddit – it’s glorious

The thing that bothers me is the fact a scumbag like Gates or Zuckerberg could swoop in with a bigger pile of money and knock Musk out of the box.

This is a win for Elon. If they accept he owns Twitter. If they reject he dumps shares at a huge profit, the share price tanks as others also sell, and Twitter gets sued for not acting in the best interest of shareholders. Checkmate.

Reality is if the offer goes through the reform of the platform will probably triple or more the current value of the stock.

He has utterly bent them over a barrel. He either gets Twitter, or dumps his shares, makes back most of his money, and tanks the stock. Love it.

I think it will be rejected and he’ll sell his position making lots of money.

I could see him making a new social media platform, himself. But the problem is what he’d create would mostly attract conservatives or trolls and would be of limited utility. The more people on a social network, the more valuable it is.

I might actually reconsider my current stance on Twitter if Elon Musk is able to do what he says he’s going to try to do! The site is a cesspool, honestly, and I could not be happier that I deactivated my account a little more than a year ago currently!

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