EA has blanned the #1 player of the video game

EA has blanned the #1 player of the game

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49 replies on “EA has blanned the #1 player of the video game”

Devs got fed up with him kill all those poor bots.

Lol, At him trying to hold the number one spot in this shit show.

Can it honestly be that hard to hold the number 1 spot? There’s about 100 people worldwide that still play this game.

Holding the 1# player in the world in Battlefield 2042 has to be one of the least cool things to brag about.

Maybe wall hacking or no recoil, I noticed in some clips he lines up to people who are out of line of sight and almost all are full auto lasers.

I don’t believe aimbot, he has very good above average aim.

Never seen this person, don’t know or care either way. But plenty of streamers have been caught cheating before so just saying. Just because you stream doesn’t mean you don’t cheat. Plenty of ways to be sneaky about that shit.

LOL @ the one guy trying to stick up for him on every post. Kinda seems like he got caught cheating, so I’d say he’s not-so-legit.

Maybe this is what he actually needed. Now he can get his life back together and stop swimming in hotdog water 9 hrs a day while recording in on twitch.

Why are we jumping to criticize EA and defend this guy without evidence? For all we know, he could be cheating. Wouldn’t be the first time a “top” player has turned out to be a hacker.

LOL I KNEW this guy was sus af.

Every post he made here, he had godmode aim and the enemies literally had no idea he existed. I knew this dude was cheating.

Every cheater does not do it blatantly. You think of ways to cover it up. Try to protect your self.

He was a cheater. Likely aim or wall hacks. The cheats is why he was #1. Of course he’s going to pretend he wasn’t cheating.

He is a cheater.

Dude fuck him , I used to play with him in D2 . He was toxic asf , even left his wife to play video games .

Edit: Dude even texted me an essay 😂telling me I’m dog shit at any game I play 💀

So just because he has the highest stats and streams everyday he is not capable of cheating??

He always plays Breakthrough. Reported him for cheating twice this week. On my team and his movements and knowing where people are was kinda suspect.

didnt bethesda do this with one of f76’s most active players back when that fiasco was still going on

lol i remember playing against this guy and his squad a few months ago and they were glitching up in the rafters on renewal on that last point in breakthrough.

The amount of “guilty until proven innocent” comments in this post is honestly disturbing. I’ve seen this dude stream from time to time. He genuinely just seems good at the game. If he really is cheating, it’s not at all noticeable from his streams.

/u/DANNYonPC The guy hurt so many peoples FEELINGS the “anti-hurt commission” had to do something about it, now the game will be a better place for all of us. /s

Honestly, if you’re trying to be #1 in this game there is something wrong with you. Blocking gim is saving his life.

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