ducks mating seems to be like a rape scene

ducks mating seems to be like a rape scene to be like_like_a_rape_scene/

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I mean, it is though?

Like, that’s be identified that male ducks will gang-rape female, to the point where they may drown or die in the process?

Ducks participate in ritualistic gangrapes when mating

“Ducks Commit Gang Rape

Often the males will join ranks and force the females to have sex with them… violently. It’s so common that female ducks have evolved a complex vaginal defence mechanism which prevents male ducks from getting their penis in so easily.”

A grim business. I used to live by a canal in the north of England and I witnessed a similar incident perpetrated by a number of male ducks on one female. Weirdly, three geese arrived, broke the whole thing up, protected the female and separated out the males to have separate little talks with them before sending them on their way. The geese police. It’s a thing.

Ducks have cork screw penises. Its why he rolls off her when he finished. I’ve raised ducks for years. One of my drakes broke the leg of a female by being too fat to mate with her and mate several times a day. Savages.

Gotta tell ya… there is nothing scarier that a male Mallards junk.
They fly at hen decoys sometimes fully erect and it looks like they are dragging a garden hose.

Its because it is male ducks are horrible violent rapist and they have barbed corkscrew peens, we use to raise them.

I live across from a lake where I fish almost daily. If I had a dollar for every duck rapist I chased off I’d be a rich man. Out here doing gods work

We used to have a flock of ducks probably about 30 or so and about a 50-50 split of males and females. One year all the females were sitting and the males couldn’t get access to them so they improvised.

Our neighbor called and told us we had a duck over on their porch and he wouldn’t leave. So we went and got him and he looked ROUGH. Feathers missing and he was super nervous. So we put him back in the pasture and all hell broke loose.

It turns out they literally made this poor guy, the weakest of the bunch, into essentially their prison bitch. They ganged up on him and started raping him because they couldn’t get to the females. We had to rehome poor Squeak because those fuckers were straight up rapists

Lol ducks are rapey by nature. They will even drown the female and still go to pound town. They’ll even go after chickens and geese.

Source: Me, I owned ducks. Specifically a male duck named Rapey Duck. He traumatized so many chickens until I got a rooster that wouldn’t put up with his promiscuous behavior.

Ugh, those male ducks and their weird corkscrew dicks…

It’s a tough life being a female duck.

So male ducks have corkscrew shaped penises. And they’re ballistic.

It became an evolutionary advantage for male ducks to rape the females, they were able to make more children that way. Obviously the female ducks hated it, so their vaginas evolved to be deep and corkscrew shaped, to make it harder to penetrate. Well the males just evolved with them.

Enjoy your nightmare fuel, and remember consent is important, humans are not ducks

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