Dr. Erich Salomon faked a damaged arm so he could conceal a camera in his solid to photograph the US Supreme Courtroom – 1932 [1170×809]

Dr. Erich Salomon faked a broken arm so he could cover a digicam in his solid to photograph the US Supreme Court – 1932 [1170×809]

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29 replies on “Dr. Erich Salomon faked a damaged arm so he could conceal a camera in his solid to photograph the US Supreme Courtroom – 1932 [1170×809]”

The Supreme Court pretends to be an honorable institution when in reality they are a grand council of elites debating on which human rights to curtail

The fact he pulled this off in 1932, with this good of quality, when the smallest camera was still probably about the size of your fist is pretty damn impressive

I’ll never forget when I visited in 2015. The usher mentioned no phones or cameras, about thirty seconds after she mentioned this all of our phones went off due to extreme storms outside. Everyone thought initially it was the government tapping into our phones or them busting someone for using it. Somewhat relieved to find it was just severe weather outside.

It is worth noting this is not the current Supreme Court chamber. This was the Old Senate Chamber in the Capitol, which was used for the court from 1860-1935 (the Senate having got a new chamber in 1860 when the Capitol was expanded to accommodate a larger Senate due to added states).

The man with the bushy mustache in the middle was Chief Justice Charles Evans Hughes. Also present are Louis Brandeis, whose 1890 Harvard Law Review article introduced the right to privacy that would up being the base of so many critical cases, including Roe v. Wade, as well as future Chief Justice Harlan Stone, famous for upholding New Deal policies.

Another photo was taken in 1937 in the new court chambers and can be seen [here.](

Also, a short video was much more recently taken by an activist during a campaign finance case:

I got a chance to see a case I was familiar with being tried in the state Supreme Court. Really interesting style of argument much different that you’d expect.

Wasn’t anybody suspicious when his cast would light up and explode into a cloud of gunpowder?

OK – I looked this up. Some funny stuff, with a dark ending.


The photographer died 7 years after taking this photos – he died in Auschwitz. The photo was taken in 1937 and he was not a doctor; despite the OP title. Erich is credited as one of two people to have photographed the US supreme court in session (as cameras of any kind have always been banned).



Of course in 2022 is frankly ridiculous that SCOTUS sessions are not being recorded in Dolby ATMOS 10.4, at 8K/120/4:4:4 and transmitted on three different streaming services for all to see.

The Chief Justice at the time was Charles Evans Hughes Sr. (April 11, 1862 – August 27, 1948).

70 years old, born in 1862 and presiding over the Supreme Court in only 1932….

Old white men behind closed doors deciding what they want to do with the world. Nothing has changed.

The diversity is a pleasant surprise. From very bald white guy to half bald white guy to full head of hair white guy.

A proper melting pot.

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