Donning white when you ARE the bride 😝

Putting on white when you ARE the bride 😝

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Not all wedding gowns are white.

The pearl clutching that still goes on around weddings these days is sad. Ninety nine point nine percent of these people getting married are not royalty and never will be.

I only expected my wedding guests to be wearing clothes.

I was watching a video by a trans girl (her phrasing!) who was wearing a very cute blue floral/white background dress to a wedding. Bunch of comments regarding it being too white to be ideal for a wedding. Turns out…gay wedding. No brides, no problem!

Just goes to show that even though you might be totally fine with gay marriage etc, you can still accidentally get stuck in hetero-normative thinking LOL

I’m pretty sure my future MIL is going to show up in white because she loves attention.

I’m also pretty sure that my kick ass matron of honor will dump a bottle of red wine on her.

I think the whole white dress thing is kinda silly, everyone who’s going to the wedding should know who the bride is & she’s obviously the center of attention, not because of her dress but because everyone knows who the bride is. So who gives a fuck if some girl is also wearing a nice white dress.

Same with photos, so there’s a girl in the background with a nice white dress. Idk I understand the respecting the couples wishing thing tho so I wouldn’t be rude like that but me personally I wouldn’t give a shit.

This is why I wear gothic black… complete with doc martens, wet eyeliner, and an umbrella to every wedding. JK. I just think about it and wear a nice floral.

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