Does Roblox top quality give you Robux each thirty day period?

Poke Bloxburg • Does Roblox quality give you Robux every month?


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49 replies on “Does Roblox top quality give you Robux each thirty day period?”

Yes but, I got roblox premium a month ago, and still no robux? Anybody know how to fix this? I'm too poor to manually renew it by cancelling it and buying premium again but is there another way, my renewal date it on the 3rd which is the day i'm commenting but rip, so no robux…=/

my friends say the resson you dont get robux because you need to pay every month and then you will see your robux in billing like for example if you bought $25 robux giftcard and you bought 10000 preumium you wont get that you need to pay in every month to get robux thats why.

i bought 2,200 robux premium, i received my robux as soon as purchased, so does that mean that i receive the same amount again once it expires?

Does Roblox premium gives free robux every month or I need to pay for the robux that I need to claim this month? Because im scared :< btw I have the Roblox premium when I redeem my Roblox gift card :)))))

I didn't know this until now that premium cost the exact same as the normal purchase so the last time I bought robux I could have bought premium instead of normal for the same price like bruh

I just opened my alt acc then I saw it's still has premium badge thingy and got 450 robux I got confused cuz I didn't even bought robux for that acc and I don't have plan to buy robux to that acc

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