Disgusting. White privilege at its greatest.

Disgusting. White privilege at its best.

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“What the hell happened to the days when a guy does something like that to a girl,
and a bunch of us guys get together and just go kick his fucking ass?” – Peter Griffin

Wtf is it with white guy rapists last name Turner that convinces Judges to let them off the hook?!?

It’s well known that sexual assault especially with connections and having a lot of money results in no jail time in America at this point for the predators.

Unfortunately since he was only charged with the 1st rape and he was 16 at the time he got charged under the Youthful Offender Act. Good and bad a creep like this won’t learn and he will definitely do it again within 5 years, let’s hope the next potential victim has a concealed carry permit.

Is this the dude whose mom fucking HELPED HIM DRUG GIRLS that he then admittedly RAPED and then the judge just decided not to give him any jail time DESPITE HIM BEING LEGALLY GUILTY and he ALSO won’t have to be a registered sex offender? Or is this a DIFFERENT ONE??? Because I feel like that other rapist’s name was Christopher or some other white bullshit.

I’m so done. I want these fucking judges off every single bench for their rest of their lives.

I wonder how they feel when he rapes again and again and again because he got away with it?

I read about this and I think about that scene from the Godfather when the father of the mutilated girl goes to the Godfather and asks for justice to be done, he talks about how the guy who did stuff to her walked home that day after the trial, and the mob made justice happen when the justice system failed.

Honestly, I’m amazed that that kind of retribution after justice system failures, is not more common.

I feel so bad for the family of the first girl, Dallas Stoller. She “died unexpectedly” ??? But I can’t find any details. I’m curious as to if she committed suicide because I think he should have some liability in an mental decline she had based on what he did to her

yet if you get raped in the south, you can go to jail for getting an abortion…. yet the rapist walks free…. and the guys who found the rapist in act, get more time for removing him off the girl and calling 911. WELCOME TO AMERICA

Turner is being represented by South Carolina state senator Brad Hutto.

In 2019, Hutto made distasteful comments about the victims, implying at least one of them had consensual sex with Turner and later regretted it.

[Here’s some context.]( for the record, the context excuses nothing. Bowen Turner is a predatory rapist, albeit a different predatory rapist than Brock Turner. He actually makes Brock Turner look less odious by comparison. Brock Turner raped one unconscious girl and used his family’s wealth and connections to get a light sentence. Bowen Turner raped several girls, used his family’s wealth and connections to get a light sentence, and didn’t even serve that.

Both of them deserve prison, but they’re rich and white so they won’t even get barred from the Oscars.

Wow I did 9 years for actually shooting the man that raped me and I’ve been out 5 and still get condemned for being a felon. This makes me so sad

“Turner’s father Walt works as an investigator for South Carolina first circuit solicitor David Pascoe, FitsNews reported.”

And there you have it folks. Mystery solved.

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