Discovered: Inside FBI Paperwork Demonstrate Double Common in Snooping on Jan. 6 Planners, Black Lives Make a difference Activists

Uncovered: Inside FBI Files Present Double Common in Snooping on Jan. 6 Planners, Black Lives Issue Activists

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19 replies on “Discovered: Inside FBI Paperwork Demonstrate Double Common in Snooping on Jan. 6 Planners, Black Lives Make a difference Activists”

The FBI is a partisan political organization thats against civil rights?

Is there any history to show this?/s

> Legal experts say the documents illustrate how much latitude the bureau already has to trawl social media for information without needing additional authority. “I think it has more authority than it needs frankly,” says Faiza Patel, co-director of the Liberty and National Security program at the Brennan Center for Justice. “What we’ve seen basically is that the FBI did not take this [Jan. 6] threat as seriously as they should have.”

That’s the dumb thing about racial profiling or choosing where to focus attention based on bias. It’s easier for threats to come up in your blind spot or the “enemy” to simply pay an innocuous person to carry out a threat. Biased profiling is lazy complacent policing imo.

Every law enforcement agency or personnel that says there was no way to see 1/6 coming due to their limited policing power is incompetent or lying or both. Because the president of the united states tweeted out the plans weeks before. Or maybe potus Twitter wasn’t available to them due to their “limited ability to monitor americans (*terms and conditions apply)”.

>The documents were first obtained by Property of the People, a government-transparency nonprofit group. “The documents bring into relief three consistent truths about the FBI,” says Ryan Shapiro, executive director of Property of the People.
1. One: At its core, the FBI is a political police force that primarily targets the left while ignoring or outright enabling the far-right.
2. Two: FBI spokespersons lie like they breathe.
3. Three: The Bureau shamelessly exploits national crises to expand the already dystopian reach of its surveillance.”
>As FBI Director Christopher Wray told Congress last summer, the FBI had circulated intelligence materials and other resources before Jan. 6, but the agency had limits in what it could and couldn’t gather from social media. “When we have an authorized purpose and proper predication, there are a lot of things that we do at social media and we do do,” Wray said, “but [what] we cannot do on social media is, without proper predication and authorized purpose, just monitor just in case on social media.”

If Wray lied to Congress, he needs to be replaced immediately. Instituting a policy of perjury during official proceedings by modeling it as acceptable behavior is not what an FBI Director should be about, is it.

If wrong, if in error, if biased, then it’s up to that LEO Director or Chief to recognize and take responsibility for that wrongdoing, not hide and lie about it. They need to address and fix it.

Wanna know what’s wrong with policing in the USA, well here is the number one role model,

…caught lying to Congress, policing in a racially bigoted way, condemning liberals for their right to assemble, while allowing violently radical conservatives to proceed with J6.

Or is this overstating the case?

He’s got to go.

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More disproportionate application of law (puts hand on chest) I am shocked really shocked. (rolls eyes)

Well, my brow, for one, is sufficiently furrowed! I’m writing Madison “USNA” Cawthorn immediately!

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