Dim Heritage: Cleopatra, Catherine, Jackie, And Yoko: Their Legitimate Tales

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Welcome to the Dark History podcast. Cleopatra, Catherine the Terrific, Jackie Mitchell, and Yoko Ono. Perhaps you’ve heard of these four astounding women of all ages, it’s possible you haven’t. But if you’ve read of them, have you listened to the truth of the matter? Or just what history wishes you to know? Today we are going to dive deep into the tales of every of these females to expose the fact and notify their tales they way they were meant to be instructed.

I recognize you for coming by, and tune in subsequent week for much more dark heritage.

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00:00 INTRO
7:40 MARK ANTONY (not the singer)
22:07 A HORSE IS A HORSE… OF Study course?
40:24 YOKO ONO
42:53 A Full NEW Planet
46:58 DID YOKO Get rid of THE BEATLES?
51:09 Summary

Dark History is an Audioboom Unique.

This podcast is Govt Created by:
Bailey Sarian, Kim Jacobs, Dunia McNeily from 3arts, Fanny Baudry, and Claire Turner From Wheelhouse DNA
Producer: Lexxi Kiven
Exploration provided by: Tisha Dunsten and Jed Bookout
Writers: Jed Bookout, Joey Scavuzzo, and Kim Yaged
I’m your host — Bailey Sarian
Specific thank you to Historical Consultants: Constance Grady and Leora Tanenbaum, slut-shaming expert & creator of I Am Not a Slut: Slut Shaming in the Age of the Internet – to discover a lot more go to
Online video Director: Trent Barboza and Eric Abell
Shot By: Tafadzwa Nemarundwe
Edited by: Jim Luci


25 replies on “Dim Heritage: Cleopatra, Catherine, Jackie, And Yoko: Their Legitimate Tales”

Yes the story of cleopatra and Mark Antony is a lot like Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliette. But that's because a lot of Shakespeare's plays were inspired by Roman and greek history.

Dear Bailey Sariarn ❤,
First I just wanted to say I love what you do….One I really think we should talk about is The Black Wall Street Massarce in Tulsa Oklahoma back in May 1921…I think this was just wrong I am so mad that our kids don't learn about this history in school…We learn about BS stuff..sorry I mean that we need to know the truth about stuff like this….Thank You so much for what you do….

Please don't take this the wrong way, I fully enjoy Dark History: I adore your perspective and commentary. But, have all of these copycats made MMM distasteful for you to do? I am selfish…miss them. You are the Queen and originator of the genre.

If Cleopatra was only 39 when she died and she ruled three decades she was only nine when she took the throne so there's something wrong with this timeline.. unless it was 49 when she died and then she was 19 that she took the throne and I can live with that.

Thank You, Bailey you once again have taught me so many more interesting and interesting things about some great women. I really appreciate you taking the time you take to do all the work it takes to investigate these amazing woman so that you can give us such great entertainment too.

I remember that super bowl show. Yes Janet definitely got the brunt of all the backlash for sure. But honestly I believe everything went as planned but it just wasn't received by the public as expected.

I love Janet and the backlash she received wasn’t fair but I watched when it aired up close and live and she and Justin totally planned the the ripping off of the bra cup. Bra cups don’t just rip off like that in one piece, it was held by tape and her fake shocked face was obvious. The way she was condemned for it and not Justin was wrong, but I do believe she and Justin both planned to do it and playing like you didn’t isn’t cool either.

I believe women … I don’t believe AH though. And if we could!!!! I’d LOVE to hold men accountable. In the case of AH&JD. She was the A-word person. I was on AH side until I had the facts… she had me for years… facts changed my mind.

Thank you for alllllllll the laughssss @Bailey!!!! Needed that! And I was today years old when I learned all these details!! This is jot what they said in school!! This was amazinggg!!

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