Digestion Problem and Intestine Health

Digestion Problem and Intestine Health

Stomach pains are incredibly common, especially in children. Intestinal disorders are mostly a result of food intolerance that creates imbalance in the gut. So, if your child experiences any intestinal disorders, here are some steps that you can follow:
1. Make sure your child is well hydrated as stomach problems can trigger diarrhoea.
2. Avoid feeding them high fibre food like meat, seafood and also junk food.
3. Disinfect benchtops, stovetops, chopping boards before and after cooking.
4. Make some changes in your child’s diet, such as–
• Pineapple, peeled apples (the fruit’s skin contains insoluble fiber which can create difficulties while digesting), bananas.
• Rice or rice-based foods like idli, dosa, uthappam etc.
• Green peas
• Cheese, yoghurt and buttermilk
Probiotics supplements like Enterogermina also help. It is soothing for an upset stomach plus its lactose-free, gluten-free and sugar-free.

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