Did somebody say cold war era?

Did somebody say cold war era?

First produced in 1949, the M54 is the Atlantic Federation’s first indigenous MBT design. The M54 was designed with ease of production, ease of maintenance, and ruggedness in mind. Thanks to its excellent all-round performance and allowance for upgrades, the M54 still constitutes a large percentage of the Atlantic Federation’s armored force.

The tank pictured above is an M54E3A6, the most common iteration of the vehicle. Its primary armament consists of a 90mm cannon, supplemented by one 7.62 mm bow machine gun and the commander’s .50 cal machine gun. Powered by a 500 hp engine, the M54 has a maximum speed of 45 kph, with a range of 350 kilometers.


Weight: 43 tons
Speed: 45 kph forwards/ 12 backwards
Operational range: 550 km (internal fuel)
Turret armor: 150/90/50
Hull armor: 90/50/50
Main armament: T-87 90mm gun (45 rounds)
Main gun elevation: +20/-15
Secondary armament: 7.62 mm bow machine gun, .50 cal machine gun.
Crew: 5
Number built: 2,180

Perks and quirks:
Low maintenance (+1)
Good visibility (+1)
Comfy (+1)
Plus-sized! (-1)
Fuel inefficient (-1)
Low-combat endurance (-1)

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