Did Man Violate Protective Purchase by Making Eye Get hold of? | Section 3

Joshua filed a restraining get in opposition to his fiancé’s brother-in-regulation and then received a job at a casino he frequented.


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40 replies on “Did Man Violate Protective Purchase by Making Eye Get hold of? | Section 3”

“We had new management…we weren’t getting along.”
Ohhhh so the new management made you ACTUALLY work and hold you accountable for things, and you didn’t like it, I see….
Also there is no excuse for Molly not to work. The online school thing she does is one of those programs where you log in and do schoolwork whenever you want, there’s no set “school day” time. You just have deadlines at the end of a week or month for homework essays and taking tests. Obviously there is some sort of transportation to get to a job considering her bum boyfriend had a gas station and DQ job in the area, as well as his short lived casino gig. Just neither of them want to work and do anything.

Forgive me for commenting this on every single part of this case but I’m so confused as to WHY the defendant has his own personal slot machine in his house? Like, what happens if he wins? He gets his own money back?

You can literally see the girlfriend laughing when he said the assault caused him to not be able to leave the house lol I'm not on part 4 yet but I know this case getting thrown out.

This guys is Stoned as, just look at his eyes, listen to him try to speak….he doesn't have a clue about the course of events and cannot give a clear timeline….someone who is going to court like this has plenty of time to think about what they are going to say, and he can't even remember that…

So many people who are capable of working, even though they have minor disabilities, would rather live off of the Social Security that workers contribute to than find employment that they are capable of doing. The blind, the mentally challenged and people with extreme disabilities somehow find ways to get jobs. There excuses are just plain laziness.

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