Did a person say late night treats???

Did a person say late night snacks???

Did someone say late night snacks??? from aww

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I know this cat probably has that neural disorder, but darn if I don’t laugh hard as crap every time I see videos like this. They obviously live well with good people, so I don’t feel *too* awful…

For all the concerned animal lovers out there-

I’m not a vet or anything, but this looks like Cerebellar** Hypodysplasia – it’s not a painful condition, it results in irregular motor control.

This kitty is likely completely healthy and happy, just looks a bit goofy as it navigates it’s world. One would care for this kitty the same as any other, and one would have a wonderful, unique member of their family!

**correction on the name of the disorder

That HAS to be a CH (cerebellar Hypoplasia) cat. I have 2 and they walk/run/ flop like that constantly! Especially my male. All flops.

I love how the silver tabby was absolutely unperturbed by our gorgeous orange friend careening into him. He’s obviously used to his condition as well as his excitement when food is involved.
He just jumped nimbly over him and calmly looked back to watch the chaos unfold.

Yeah, I know, orange kitty is not your average, normal cat, but he’s “going for it” in life/food and that’s inspiring. I want to be that focused with more things in my life and not take things for granted, which I often do. I love this kitty.

I have a special needs cat who’s my whole world. She does some funny things sometimes and I can’t help but crack up laughing. But she’s ridiculously well taken care of. If the cat is safe, well taken care of, etc it’s okay to laugh sometimes at their silly antics.

I can’t believe that are any comments about anything other than the cat balls. Is it cognitive dissonance that makes you carry on talking about the orange one when you have THOSE right in front of you????

Grey and white tiger just went with it like it’s just another Wednesday. “Meh, here comes derpy. Better step over him as he slides into the bowl of offerings…”

It’s rare to see an intact cat!

What a surprise!

My previous cat had them so large that he still looked intact for many years after he was first neutered.

He was such a happy sweet kitty. I sure miss him!

Such a good boy!!!

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