Day 109- what if you were living yours instead of hating mine?

Day 109- what if you were living yours instead of hating mine?

today was not exactly awesome. i spent half of it in bed because i just couldn’t will myself out of it. then i spent a few hours entering things into my calculator for a test i opted to take next week instead of today anyway. i finally truly got out of my bed in time for my microbiology lab, which wasn’t exciting at all, and stressed me out more than anything because my Unknown is due on thursday and i’m definitely not ready yet. *sigh*

my unknown… they give me two organisms mixed into a nutrient broth. i have to separate the two of them on agar plates, then culture them, then put them through all these tests that will eventually, when combined, tell me what organism i have. hopefully, this is a direct hit because i’ve left myself no room for error. i’m kicking myself for that already.

then i spent a few hours with my roommate. i miss her. Damian is here constantly, and while I like him, every once in a while I’d like to just hang out with Lianna. WELL! I got that today. and oh, was it good.

my car is still dead. i need to call AAA tomorrow to get them to jump it, and boyfriend is supplementing with advice every couple of hours.

and finally, on the weird end of the spectrum! my high school sweetheart sent me an email today. he apologized for how he treated me during our relationship, then got on with the pleasantries. it took me off guard, in a pleasant way. i think it’d be nice to be able to talk to him every once in a while, be cordial. we’ll see where that goes…

ps: i need christmas break something awful

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