Darkish Phoenix produced me mad, I def don&#39t wanna check out New Mutants. First time looking at response & review

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35 replies on “Darkish Phoenix produced me mad, I def don&#39t wanna check out New Mutants. First time looking at response & review”

This is the newer timeline because of XMen Days of Future Past changing things after 1973. Anyone can die in this one besides Charles because he was in Logan, 2029 the latest timeframe he was seen it. Raven did survive the original timeline though.

Hey Mary🍒 a movie idea message for you you should watch Fantastic Four one and two Rise of the Silver Surfer and trust me you'll love it cuz Chris Evans in it before he was Captain America he was the Human Torch first and your love is character Johnny Storm making fun of Ben the thing meaning Chris Evans is hilarious in the Fantastic Four Mary but I do hope you watch Fantastic Four 1 and 2 real soon Mary🍒

This movie had one job. Just keep the timeline continuity right, and
they couldn't even do that.

Days of Future's Past fixed everything, and then they undid it with this movie.

X men Apocalypse showed us that Jean already had the Phoenix, so how is it that she gets it in this movie?

I never liked Jennifer Lawrence's version of Mystique. They tried to rewrite her as a righteous hero. She has always been a conniving villain of The Brotherhood with Eric.

Beast supposedly falling in love with Mystique made no sense….and then turning on Charles…..😑🙄

X-Men the animated series did the story better and had two arcs The Phoenix Saga and the Dark Phoenix saga.

The New Mutants isn't the only other live action X-Men property left for you to cover. There is also the 1996 Generation X TV movie and three live actions shows Mutant X, The Gifted and Legion.

Please use a neutral background. I can barely see the movie because the background is so shiny. I understand that the intention is for it to be blurry for copyright, and to push more people to your patreon. But , the neon light and the play button are interfering with whatever you are showing anyways after the cuts and the blurs.

Well i won't tell you to watch "New Mutants", but i will mention that it's not a long movie and… here we had Sansa Stark, on NM you'll find another Stark – Arya Stark.
Other than that, if you watched Stranger Things" – NM has also Jonathan Byers and if you watched Netflix' "The Queen's Gambit" the lead of this show is also there.
Just saying

Yes days of future past reset everything but also the mutants became public decades earlier due to future past… the reason this was done is because fandom was extremely upset about the portrayal of Phoenix in “ the last stand” movie and they attempted to fix and redo that with this movie… but they failed… the process of Jean green to Phoenix to dark Phoenix should take as long as Wanda Maximoff..

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