CYBER WAR Anonymous leaks ‘776GB of Kremlin files’ right after claimed hack of Russia’s Ministry of Society

CYBER WAR Nameless leaks ‘776GB of Kremlin files’ after claimed hack of Russia’s Ministry of Culture

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38 replies on “CYBER WAR Anonymous leaks ‘776GB of Kremlin files’ right after claimed hack of Russia’s Ministry of Society”

If I’ve learned anything from watching The Americans, the ministry of culture is code for the KGB.

At this point, you can’t convince me that Anonymous isn’t just 2 CIA agents in a giant trench coat

Has anything worth anything come out of the oodles if GBs Anonymous has “leaked”?

Every day I read how many more GBs have been hacked. What gives?? Is this information useful to anyone? Serious question… I am a skeptic, but also I just want to understand the significance of this weekly news.

So, aha, yes! Now, where can I read what’s on it? They keep talking about the bones, but where is the meat?

Is this stuff intelligence agencies around the world can research and see how/why things are done by the kremlin and create strategies to counter them?

This is the millionth article I’ve seen claiming anonymous has hacked into some sort of government computer and “exposed” names, etc. what impact is this actually having. It makes you excited at first but when you look around, you realize that these hacks aren’t really doing anything substantial. Or are they?

These guys are doing it wrong. They need to hack in and start duplicating / depositing data so that their servers brick up.

Whoever these people are I’m loving the mayhem they are causing…
Keep it up folks. 👏👏👏👏

Why is it anonymous can only hack enemies of the United States but no other criminals? It’s so odd… Lol

“If you are listening Anonymous, maybe you can find the donald’s 7 hours of missing phone logs…”

Is anyone going to pay attention to these GBs? Just like the Panama files, it’s going to be ignored.

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