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Mine did. Just died peacefully in a bit of hay. One thing I notice though, is that when they get older, they develop a habit of climbing to the ceiling and then falling off.

A friend of mine his classmate put his hamster in a toy airplane and then played with the airplane. He shaked it, went in circles with it and eventually when he opened the plane again, the hamster was dead…

mine fell in a water bucket at night and my mom lost him for a week then she felt her smell and found him

Mine died. It was a cover we had on our porch. We open up and saw him dead. He died peacefully outside. I miss my hamster. RIP Hamham.

Once read a similar post where a hamster ate some drywall and then drank water, the drywall expanded inside the hamster and the hamster exploded

Mine was killed because he had cancer. It’s worth mentioning he looked like a triangle since he got it.

To quote that one post “ when hamsters are born they see a silver thread that connects them to their particularly gruesome and violent fate, and they follow it like soldiers marching to war”

Mine died cause my sister and I made a trampoline out of a sheet essentially so it could have some fun. We each took a side of the sheet and the hamster “jumped”- until we accidentally I guess broke his back. He died a horrible death most likely in agony while I sobbed all night holding him. I blamed my sister but it was both of us. (And actually it was mostly me as I was older and wiser (10) and she was 9. It was also my idea. RIP whiskers sorry I broke your back.

I had 2 hamsters. One of them killed the other. And then it died a month after it killed the other hamster.

My hamster killed himself by biting into the top of his mouth. 2nd hamster was mauled my the cat. My brothers hamster died peacefully in its sleep though

Mine was apparently dying peacefully in it’s sleep and then I woke it up and it started to violently seize. My mom just took the cage and put him in the basement.

A bird ate mine then the neighbours cat jumped on the bird and bit its neck. I was 11. I hated that cat, and it was a magpie, so i hated that bird too.

mine died to exposure of outside. We had an open window. It dead in cage. The hypothesis my parents and sister settled on was freezing to death


edit: 30 degrees *Celsius*

I had two named kirby and kirby jr who ran away to a forest nearby. When I was 17 I realized there was no forest anywhere even near us, so I asked my mom. I starved them.

Ludwig died from eating pomelo of all things. Poor guy loved nibbling on non-traditional hamster food and he totally mistook the pomelo as edible when citrus is bad for hamsters.

Cherry the hamster died in a locked cage mystery. She died getting brutally mauled outside the cage while the caged itself stayed locked and intact. The bars are only a pinky’s width apart, so it’s nigh impossible for her to get out that way. Up till now, nobody knew how she got out of the cage or who let her out of there, etc.

My hamster(s) have a habit of dieing when I’m on holiday and they are with my sister.

Edit:I’m on holiday now and my hamster is with my sister, so.

My hamster was killed by our cat
We went to bed one night and we came back to a bloody chewed up hamster corpse the next day

My friend left his 2 hamsters (the other escaped the cage and ran off) when he went on holiday then one starved to death and the other was found eating the dead ones corpse

Mine escaped from its cage and ended up finding its way into the air vent. We never found it but every winter for a few years we could smell it when we turned the heat on.

Mine escaped from it’s cage and jumped into our fish tank, effectively killing itself and all the koi in it. Right after my other hamster saw and died of “heartbreak” as my parents called it.

Mine was lost and got cooked alive behind the fridge (old type of fridge with coil like metals behind).

Mine was pretty awful, for sure. She lived a good few years, thankfully, but she got a clotting disease that cut off circulation to all four of her paws and caused them to first swell, and then to die and rot. Gangrene was starting to set in. From her shaking and constant shivering, and loss of awareness, it was clear she was in a lot of pain. We don’t even have a vet in town that handles hamsters – they’re considered to be under the “exotic” category (or rather, they’re considered pretty much just disposable) – so I couldn’t even take her anywhere to put her down; I had to fashion a “gas chamber” using a pitcher, rubber tubing, and baking soda and vinegar in an attached bottle to produce CO2 so that I could suffocate her as gently as possible. At least the directions I found about that were correct, and she passed peacefully.


Mine refused to exercise anymore and no matter how many different wheels I tried to give him he just kept making himself vacation homes and stockpiling snacks in them. I came home to my obese hamster on his back, breathing heavy, having what I assume had to be a little hamster heart attack

One of mine died peacefully. If you consider a little girl loving it so much she squeezed the life out of it to be a peaceful way to go.

Mine died while using his wheel. I didn’t realize it till I checked closer. His heart just gave out as he was still in an action pose.

The sound from the wheel just went from “squeek.squeek.squeek” to
“squeek…squeek……squeeeeek. squeek.”
Then silence.

I read a TikTok comment where their mom thought her hamster had a tick, so she tried pulling the it off. Apparently her hamster was a guy so she just ripped his bladder off.

Had one of those hamster balls to put it in, so it could run around the place with relative freedom, all of sudden while we were watching TV, the picture goes off, upon investigation we find him laying next to a chewed wire twitching, picked him up and he dies in my hand few seconds later, I cried, older brother and his mates took the piss the next day, asking how sparky was…

This held true for all 4 of the hamsters I had growing up.

Hamster #1: Died by sunlight. It turns out you can’t leave them outside on a slightly cool summer day to clean their cage.

Hamster #2: used to bite everything, including biting off parts of its plastic cage. Bit off more than it could chew and choked on a piece of plastic.

Hamster #3: killed by Hamster #4, its twin brother

Hamster #4: Died of self-imposed loneliness

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