Cost-free pizza bash for whoever provides me the TC and printer (or head) of an OGP associate.

Free of charge pizza occasion for whoever provides me the TC and printer (or head) of an OGP affiliate.

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26 replies on “Cost-free pizza bash for whoever provides me the TC and printer (or head) of an OGP associate.”

FUCK OGP IN PARTICULAR. the amount of times I’ve asked them to fix my zone and just been straight up ignored is staggering. It’s infuriating!!!

There are 2 OGP associates I like. The rest try to boss me around like I work for them.
*A pallet that has nothing to do with me exists
*An OGP associate walks up
OGP: “That’s in my way and you need to move it”
Inside Me: “Bitch, fuck you and that pallet, are you stupid? You can walk around it without moving it, stop bothering me every. single. day.”
Outside Me: “Yes ma’am, need anything else?”

I work OGP and I’ll be the first to agree with you that the personal shoppers are animals. ‘Course I work the room and have to clean up their messes that they bring me.

One time I was stocking dairy, and an OGP associate came through on a pick walk and knocked a whole EZ zone yogurt holder over. 12 yogurt cups fell to the bottom of the dairy door, but he just closed the door and walked off like it never happened. And they wonder why the rest of the store despises them

Love to admit that I have one of their cute lil orange handhelds in my photo lab, retribution for always begging for electronics keys to open their picks

Cleaned up around the pool salt this morning only to watch OGP go over and make a mess after tearing a bag, walked right past me and didn’t even bother telling me there was a pile of salt on the floor.

Not to mention customers and associates in other departments at other times a day that do this.

I’m OGP and the other depts ask for me to do exceptions because I’m the only one who viz picks, stocks or does anything right in general. I don’t do the whole “open the box and leave it” shit. That’s just rude and unproductive. Also, in my store, we have all the handhelds and printers and everyone steals them.

I love OGP. Now that theyve gotten rid of cashiers I may never go in a store again. Plus the mistakes are sometimes awesome. 🙂

Ogp kept stealing our handhelds so I stole one of theirs and hid it way up high in the shelving unit in the backroom where they’ll never find it. Fuck them.

Damned if ya do; damned if ya don’t. Picking metrics, traffic and constant questions from customers…. The grass is never greener on any side of the dept.

I wish OGP never existed. Having to work there and feeling miserable and guilty because we’re on a timer and (although I do get times to zone a bit while picking) I get scolded for not having a higher pick rate on some days.

Damn with some of these comments I don’t blame y’all for hating ogp. I do wanna say though, they threaten our jobs if we’re not fast enough, so we don’t always have time to keep everything looking nice. I always try to be courteous of other departments and pick from the back of the shelf when I see someone zoning. Course some associates are rude af to me for just doing my job

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