Cooking partner&#39s most loved Filipino food stuff sinigang | Nagharvest ng gulay para mag luto ng Sinigang

We Filipinos love this soup referred to as Sinigang. It is really a bitter soup that when you prepare dinner the vegetables turns brown. In the Philippines we can use fresh fruits to cook this soup to make it bitter. We have tamarind, we have guava, kamias and other sour fruit. But we also have these store acquired powder that we can very easily use. You can use any kinds of greens you want on this soup there is no limit and you can use any protein too. Beef, pork or seafood they are all very good for this form of soup. Right here in Bosnia we dont have asian retail outlet so when I make Sinigang I utilised lemon juice. It has a lot more of a tart flavor than sour but its even now great. Luckily for us spouse bought some sinigang powder in Zagreb final time and some Filipino friends also gave me. If you dont like your greens will flip brown you can blanch it on the soup that is not still sour so that it will keep its green colour and then you just include them at the last aspect just like what I did in the movie.
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Pratim vas redovno… svaki vaš novi klip i jako ste mi simpatični., Jedna sugestija za muža,poljubite svoju suprugu kad dođete s posla. Poljubac i zagrljaj puno znače od drage osobe…

Srdacan pozdrav Ingrid tebi I tvojoj porodici od jedne bosanke iz Svedske 🇧🇦🇸🇪 a moj suprug je iz Libanona 🇱🇧 I isto tako spremamo hranu ; bosansku, libansko, svedsku a moje kcerke Lejla I Samra vole azijatsku kuhinju… supe I susi 😊

Hi Ingrid, wir lieben deinen positiven Videos,deine ruhige Stimme und sonniges Gemüt bereichern unseres hektischen Leben ,,,,ich persönlich benutze deine Videos um mich zu entspannen,, DANKESCHÖN,, schöne Grüsse aus Österreich

Dear Ingrid I watching your video all the time,looks amazing..You are so kind and hard women worker🥰🥰🌸😀you cooking so good,I like your Filipino recipe🥰🥰looks do delikates🥰🥗🥘🥘Stela and Laila so beautiful girls❤❤🥰🥰..hello from Sydney🥰

You know Ingrid, I also cook but I found your “Sinigang” so amusing specially the variety of ingredients you used.
You need to cut the edge of the okra,and sinigang we do t out ginger… the flavor will have tangy effect.

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