Construct the 1:8 Scale Batman Tumbler Demo from Hachette Partworks – Element 2

This is only obtainable as a demo at the instant from

This 1:8 scale motor vehicle from the Christopher Nolan Dark Knight Trilogy is now accessible to build from the folks around at Hachette Partworks.

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25 replies on “Construct the 1:8 Scale Batman Tumbler Demo from Hachette Partworks – Element 2”

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Yeah, that is definitely the front wheel of the Tumbler. The back ones are bigger and are double wheels instead of singles. Plus, when he goes into cycle mode in Dark Knight, this wheel becomes the front wheel of the bike.

I don't see why this wouldn't go into production. The Dark Knight trilogy is an important piece of Batman movie history. Plus, if you ask people to name the most iconic Batmobiles ever, you're likely going to get the same ones named: The Tumbler, the 60's Batmobile, and the 89 Batmobile. Eaglemoss is already definitely doing the 60's Batmobile, so these guys definitely are going to want to get in on it.

Still waiting for Fanhome or someone to announce the 89 Batmobile, maybe with a special trick to turn it into the Batmissle (from Batman Returns).

Another trial! I was really disappointed when they ran the trial for the Hogwarts Express and then did not run it. On another subject still waiting for updates to Spitfire and delivery dates for parts 99 and 100 along with the circuit board replacement.

Hi Wayne. I've subscribed to this 'trial'. I assume that they won't send anything form what you say – otherwise you wouldn't be buying from ebay. Did the same for the Spitfire trial and got a spitfire keyring for my efforts. Be great if they go full build alongside the forthcoming 60's Batmobile. The Tim Burton-mobile would then finish the trilogy off nicely!

Seriously, I hope that they decide to go forward with this build. Hopefully it won't turn out to be like the Hogwarts Express. I think this one might fly due to the popularity of the Batman franchise. We'll just keep our fingers crossed. 🤞

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