Congratulations to Ukraine for profitable Eurovision 2022!

Congratulations to Ukraine for successful Eurovision 2022!

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47 replies on “Congratulations to Ukraine for profitable Eurovision 2022!”

The jury giving moldova only 14 points while they recieved 239 from the public is the reason many nations choose to send boring english ballads, instead of taking a risk with unique songs.

Jury voting was embarrassing. Luckily the public vote saved the day.

I guess Europe is just not ready for Moldova yet though. Maybe some day 🙂

A decade of the UK and Spain getting 0 points and the one time we have a chance to win we meme Ukraine into winning. Hahahahahahahahahahahhahaha.

Well done UK on a deserved top 3 finish, if Ukraine isn’t t able to host next year I hope they appoint the UK to host in their stead.

Moldova was pretty based, also happy we got 3rd place since Chanel and the rest of the team have worked their asses (heh) off for the last few months, but kinda disappointed because our chances of winning were none since Ukraine winning was as clear as day.

Well, it is what it is, we all knew the result from the start…. Still, at least we got some enjoyment from some songs and artists.

You know it’s a good Eurovision year when almost everyone is unhappy with how the voting turned out.

Its just another song. I guess some people genuinely liked it but getting twice as much public points as the next one, like not even close, is nothing but the war thing. We all expected it but what I didnt expect is UK ranking so high.

Ukrainian here. Guess we’ll have to win the war ASAP to be able to host Eurovision 2023 properly.

I personally enjoyed Moldova’s song the most (it was catchy and fun for me) so, that’s who I ended up voting for. We all knew Ukraine would most likely win though, and I thought their song was unique. Either way, not a bad result.

I just wish more countries would tap into their own unique cultures. Lots of lukewarm pop-english ballads. Croatia was a big disappointment for me, our song literally sounded like a Taylor Swift knock-off.

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the UK accumulate this many points. Might be my points than they ve they gotten in the past combined (I’m half joking but I wouldn’t be surprised if someone told me that this was the case).

Ukraine genuinely had a good song but my favourite of the night was Serbia. Very weird but not in an outlandish way, and I thought the song seemed to actually have something to say, even though without subtitles I’m not entirely sure *what*.

I’m from the UK and I’m still in shock. Thanks all who voted but Germany deserved more, I liked their song a lot and tipped them for top 5. Can’t believe they ended last

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