Closing FANTASY XV has offered 10 million copies across all platforms

Final FANTASY XV has marketed 10 million copies across all platforms

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This game had potential it was huge disappointed to me and many others, the amount of jank is really unbearable (the 5 seconds delay before and after every menu pop-up really drove me nuts).

This game is so weird, it’s very clear this game was made from a dev hell with some clearly cut stuff and the lore spread across multiple media. Yet the combat is so fun and despite the fractured story, the boy band and story/ending just hit so hard

I really don’t understand this game on so many levels. I can’t imagine how much more incomprehensible and probably barebones it was prior to DLC being added/ Royal Edition’s all-in-one treatment of it, which is scary to imagine since it still feels incomprehensible even with that stuff to me.

I’m very tempted to call it the worst Final Fantasy I’ve personally witnessed because almost everything about it just fell flat for me. Especially the world, but it’s definitely the story that I think I still basically feel like I know and understand nothing. I think that last DLC with Ardyn was probably the first time I’ve ever had the feeling of “Fuck it, I just want this to be over I’m rushing through it and uninstalling right after.” for a modern video game.

But hey, good job Square. I hope the game performed to your expectations eventually.

The only thing I hate about FFXV is, if you need to know the story, you need to watch the Anime + the movie, which is sucks. Just give me the whole story in the game

It’s my favourite bad game. Had it launched with the current version and then gotten more updates it would’ve had much more of an impact but it is what it is. I’ve completed it like 5 times even still. Something about the game just wants me to replay it everynow and then. Steam version is also stuttery and irc the origin/windows store version are much better.

hey squenix, I’m still waiting for the dedicated content you promised for the PC edition before bying it

any news about that, you effin’ wankers? got some NFT of R34 Cindy to sell at least?

Does Square find this game to be a financial success? Tomb Raider was considered a disappointment in the eyes of Square but had around the same numbers.

it’s not bad, definitely have its high points, but overall I find it meh, I played and stopped at chapter 9 for almost 3 years before coming back to actually finish the main story

I recently finished this after giving it another shot. I honestly liked it a lot, IMO it really did need a few more chapters and it sucks that the dlc was released so late as well.

If only the game was good. Sadly it’s all flash no substance. As well as one of the worst examples of DLC in a single player RPG.

Great game play, absolutely atrocious pacing for the story. I felt absolute no threat from any enemy story-wise and no sense of tension from ongoing events. If they can produce something with a more compelling story with similar gameplay I’d love to come back.

I got kind of bored with it. And I never understood why there wasn’t a female character on the team. Seems like an odd choice for a game series that is always so inclusive.

if your gonna play through it do the dlc in the order they happen

(stolen from u/scissorman )

Episode Gladiolus: Chapter 7.

Episode Prompto: Chapter 11.

Episode Ignis: after clearing the game as it spoils the ending.

Comrades: After Chapter 13, but if you do it prior to Chapter 14 your avatar can be encountered during Chapter 14.

Episode Ardyn: after clearing the game as it also spoils the ending.

If your on pc use the [Royal Experience]( from nexus mods

Bad game over all 4/10

For lying about it in the trailers and showing bunch of stuff that you couldn’t do in the game

2 complains about ffxv, first, is the lack of content after the first continent, as soon as you leave the first continent the game is done, and second, after noctis is older and returns, the lack of content when the world is totally dark was very bad too. I would love clearing up every city that fell to the creatures of the night.

If this game would have been fully completed, it would have probably been one of the best games of all time.

But the pacing and story cuts were so off.

Still salty about the advertisement of mod tools being released to PC before it came out and then cancelling it

I have never played a single FF game but I have always looked in with intrigue. I’m thinking of making FF7 Remake my first one, does anyone else have recommendations? I’m also really curious about FF14 because I’ve had an MMO itch for a bit but God knows I don’t have the time for it, the sheer amount of content seems so overwhelming.

Worst Final Fantasy game of all time. Be honest with yourselves, for the love of God. The story was absolutely horrible and the gameplay couldn’t have been worse.

Had fun bits but overall experience was not good.

Open world was completely divorced from narrative progression.

Combat was all flash and no depth.

Story was all over the place with odd/irrelevant DLC additions to it.

This is one of my least favorite RPGs I’ve ever played. It was just bizarre, the story made almost no sense, I had no connection to any of the characters, the writing was strange, and the pacing of the game seemed unconsidered and random. It definitely had its moments and the combat was decent, but it was just insufferable to play through. I burst out laughing the first time I saw all the in-game ads, it just amplified the mediocrity. Never played any of the DLC, and that’s good if it improved the game, but I wouldn’t suffer through this game again.

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