“Chronological map of electrified London Underground and Metropolitan Railways : Supplement to the Railway Gazette, 18 November 1932

During the inter-war years the Railway Gazette published several quite lavish supplements to celebrate the various works and extensions undertaken by the London Underground Railways. Indeed, by the time of this publication in November 1932 the Underground Group who were behind much of the ‘tube’ railway development in the capital, and who had acquired nearly all the component companies in the field, was on the verge of becoming the new London Passenger Transport Board, better known as London Transport. This creation, in 1933, would include the other major railway seen on this map – the Metropolitan, a company that the Underground Group had managed to come to grudging terms with on issues such as electrification and the operation of the ‘joint’ Circle’ service.

This supplement was concerned with the Group’s last major investment project – the extensions and modernisation of the Piccadilly line and it describes the new infrastructure, lines, power supplies and signalling required along with the trains and stations that saw Piccadilly line services extended north from Finsbury Park to Cockfosters and west beyond Hammersmith. The centre fold consists of this interesting map that shows the date of electrification of most lines, concurrent in most cases with their opening such as the C&SLR and CLR, but the actual opening as steam railways of others and so does not show the dates of the switch over to electric operation of vast sections of the the Metropolitan or the western sections of the District. In the case of the latter it does show the date of electrification of the eastern branch out as far as Upminster. Curious.

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