Cease slipping for their BS

Quit slipping for their BS

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At least they aren’t dragging them out of their houses and chopping their heads off over a little bread.

Oh, those crazy French. Long live liberty, equality, and fraternity.


Just like the *months* of news cycles going round and round about Obama’s fucking birth certificate. They invent crises to deflect attention from the lack of honesty, purpose and consistency in their party.

Aren’t these the EXACT SAME people who spent the past 2 years *screaming* that the Government cannot tell them to wear masks! Cannot demand they get vaccinated! Because the Government has no right to control *their* bodies!

But let’s not talk about that. Let’s talk about protestors outside Republican judges’ homes.

The Supreme Court ruled that anti-choice protestors can get within 300 feet of women’s health clinic workers personal homes in the 90s. Equal protection is a sword that cuts both ways.

Is there some world where Democrats have forgotten about Roe v Wade being overturned because conservatives mentioned that they don’t like people protesting in front of a judge’s house?

I don’t get this tweet at all.

The left is gonna take your guns and turn them gay then abort them if they don’t comply!

Shamelessly stolen from a tweet that probably said it better.

*Secret plans for the deathstar leak*

Who did that WHO! That dirty leaker is a threat to my- er.. Our democracy!

Technically, they are not guaranteed to be in that position for life. Article III, Section 1 of the U.S. Constitution reads that judges shall remain in their position so long as they follow “good behavior.” I think lying to Congress qualified as bad behavior, but how does one go about the disqualification process?

It’s called Controlling the Conversation. See The Alt-right Playbook on youtube, a truly must-watch series.

Brilliant strategy by the Right to blame Biden for the gas prices. All they have to do is stay in cahoots with big oil and say they’ll lower gas prices they’ll win the next two big rounds. Hell I might sell my soul for $2.00/gallon.

We’re also forgeting that one major political party tried to overthrow the government, and that same party has treasonously close financial ties to Russian intelligence.

Impeach those mother fuckers . We need to ….demand our elected officials….impeach them now

The elitist of this country have always dangled social issues in front of both sides so we continue to bicker and argue as they keep themselves in power, insider trade, make the rich richer, and keep the status quo. The same social issues have been fought over for decades as they drain us dry of our money, health, freedoms and general well being. This country needs a major revolution or we will keep blindly circling the drain.

We’re not actually arguing over that, we’re being told to stop by the elites and we are dutifully complying.

Sucks when people are protesting in places where their targets are at their most vulnerable, kind of like outside of a facility that provides female reproductive health related services.

This supreme court is an illegitimate partisan farce. I’m all for people doing whatever they can to fight back including protesting at justices homes.

I still think protesting at justice’s homes is too tame. Yes, do that too, but we should be employing the same angry tactics that were employed against us. They don’t just protest at the supreme court, they protest *regular civilians* just trying to access healthcare.

Well turnabout is fair play. Protest them at their churches. Show up to services rowdy and angry. Do not let the peacher get a word in edgewise. Overwhelm congregations.

If and when you’re ejected for trespassing, block the parking lot exits. Don’t let them have a peaceful Sunday as long as they’re supporting this. No justice, no peace.

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