Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day!

Mom heart is white and her loves is Pure.
Mom protects us like umbrella.
Mom is standing tall and so brave as hero solder..
Her solid heart is without fear.
With respect for around the world Moms.
Happy Mother’s Day!

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Expert roundup

Expert roundup

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Christina Nicholson – Christina All Day

Every ten-year-old girl is different and likes different things. Here, in my house, it’s arts and crafts. Any kind of creative gift like this is a gift that keeps on giving because it keeps her busy and is something she can use repeatedly.

Some of these gifts include colorful rubber bands and beads used to make bracelets, canvases with paints, activity books with crayons and markers, and even educational workbooks are a hit in my house.

In addition to creative gifts, games are popular because we have a big family to play games with. We also have some fun cooking and baking tools like kids measuring cups and spoons as well as cute aprons and chef’s hats to help in the kitchen.

Again, I think the best gifts are those that can be used to entertain, especially now during COVID-19 while we’re spending a lot of time at home.

Rebecca Smith – I Always Believed In Futures

I think the best gift for a ten-year-old girl right now has to be a book, especially something like Fantastically Great Women Who Changed The World, a great look at women in our history or a kid’s classic series such as the Harry Potter series.

With the world ever-changing, it is important to help our kids learn about the world around us as it is right now and the history of great people who have been. I find that young children love books and as they get older, their appetite for reading increases.

As they become pre-teens, they develop even more of a thirst for learning, and nonfiction books such as the one I mentioned above seem increasingly popular, selling out across the world.

The reason I think this is a great gift is that it will last the test of time – she can constantly go back to it over and over again as the years progress. Better still, it isn’t made of plastic and doesn’t need batteries which a lot of toys and products for ten-year-olds do.

Far too often, a girl of that age will end up with a lot of toys that are either not age-appropriate or require an obscene amount of batteries or power.

Erica Schmidt Jabali – I Spy Fabulous

There are so many great gifts for tween girls, but they can all start to look the same. That’s why I created an empowering coloring book and journal for the tween girls in my life. You Are Enough has 55 pages of encouraging quotes, coloring pages, journal prompts, doodle pages, and more, to lift up the young girls in our life.

With powerful messages like, “You CAN do hard things!” and quotes from thought leaders like Michelle Obama, Amelia Earhart, Oprah, and many more, this is a journal designed to give them the boost and make them feel as strong, smart and beautiful as they are.

Plus, with plenty of space to dream, vent, doodle, and draw, this book will be the stress and anxiety reliever they need, too. Pair this journal with a pack of fun pens, coloring pencils or markers and let her creativity run wild.

Plus, you can grab the book and a pack of pencils for around $20, making it a very affordable option for the young girls in your life. It’s a jungle out there. Give your favorite girls the gift of a safe space to be built up and share their feelings.

Allie Edwards – The Perfect Pregnancy Plan

For any 10-year-old girl that is interested in animals and or nature a photograph loaded encyclopedia especially about her favorite animals is a wonderful gift.

It’s great to be able to get something that is educational but fun at the same time. There are so many beautiful encyclopedias about whatever topic your 10-year-old girl is interested in these days.

Just this year we got my daughter an encyclopedia of cat breeds, and encyclopedia of dog breeds, a bug-o-pedia, and one of rocks and minerals!

So I suppose you don’t even have to keep the topic to animals if there is a great encyclopedia available about another of her interests.

Because we don’t need them to look up information anymore, thanks to Google, encyclopedias have taken on a whole new life from the boring ones that we, as moms, can picture from our childhoods that took up an entire shelf in our houses and at the libraries.

Encyclopedias nowadays are focused on a particular interest, loaded with pictures, and put together in a very captivating way. Broaden your 10-year-old girls’ knowledge by fostering some of her interests.

It’s amazing how much more a kid will learn and study just on their own accord when it’s something they are passionate about.

Lauren Tingley – Simply-Well-Balanced

As a mother of a 10-year-old girl and child development professional, I know that it’s important for girls this age to feel confident, empowered, and strong.

As they enter their tween years they will face a lot of pressure from peers and from themselves. That’s why it’s important to build up their sense of self and help them to develop a strong identity as soon as possible.

I always recommend The Confidence Code for Girls as one of the best gifts you could give a 10-year-old girl. It’s a New York Times Bestseller.

It’s an interactive book with fun quizzes, comic strips, and stories from real girls that will encourage your daughter to become her most confident, amazing self.

Abbie Alter – Plano Moms

I have a 10-year-old daughter and recently gifted her a Kindle Unlimited subscription, so she can download books to her iPad (and read using the Kindle app).

A 6-month deal is currently less than $50, and $10 per month thereafter. They also offer a 30-day free trial which gives the chance to really try it out at no risk. The alternative to this type of subscription is to download each book separately (the cost adds up quickly!).

I have an app that checks what she is using and how much time is being spent on different activities online.

So, when YouTube Kids and Roblox time is restricted, she can read a number of different books without trips to the library to pick up books curbside.

There are thousands of amazing kids’ books. I spotted Artemis Fowl, Harry Potter, Fantastic Beasts and so many more.

If your 10 years old prefers to listen, they also have a great selection of books that they can listen to on the Audible app too. This is helpful on long car journeys or road trips, where we can listen to books together to pass the time!

Melinda Ashley – Unfrazzled Mama

Ten-year-old girls are hard to buy gifts for because they’re in a period of such transition. They’re no longer interested in the “kiddish” toys that they may have enjoyed a year or two ago, but may not yet be mature enough for the products geared towards teenagers.

Though this age is tricky, you can never go wrong with a good book! Books make great gifts for a preteen girl because it doesn’t matter if they’re totally into hair and makeup or still love to play with their stuffed animals.

There’s a good book out there for everyone. I love to give books as gifts because they provide hours of screen-free entertainment, and they are relatively clutter-free as well!

My top pick for a gift for a ten-year-old girl would be a book subscription from a company like My First Reading Club or Reading Bug Books. What’s better than new, age-appropriate books arriving in the mail every month?

The great news for the gift-giver is that you don’t have to try to figure out what books she enjoys. The curators of these subscription boxes know what kids like and do the work for you. With fantastic books arriving each month, it’s practically a guarantee that the recipient of your gift will find at least one book or two that she loves!

A book subscription is a gift a young girl can look forward to receiving and enjoy for months to come!

Barbara Nevers – NeoLittle

Ten-year-old girls are on the stage of great curiosity. They can understand a lot of things already, and are keen to discover everything that they can see. They are also starting to play a lot with other children and are learning how to adapt to different kinds of environments.

As for me, here are three of the best gifts that I would like my ten-year-old girl to receive: 1. Walkie Chalk Stand Up Sidewalk Chalk Holder. This is great for outdoor activities. They can draw a lot of things on the road, and play with their playmates outside.

This chalk holder will also make you join them and not worry about back pains. This can also develop their physical and writing skills while playing.

2. Books about Family and Friendship. Since they can understand most of the things happening around them during this age, you can start giving them good books to read. This can help them to acknowledge and appreciate different relationships in her life.

3. A set of Coloring Materials / Gel pens For them, these will be one of the coolest gifts ever! They will get giddy and excited about coloring, drawing, and sketching. This will help them develop their creativity and express their feelings through art.

Jo Middleton – Slummy Single Mummy

I’ve actually just bought a birthday gift for my niece – ‘Escape This Book! Titantic’

It’s a bit like a classic choose your own adventure book, which I absolutely used to love as a child, with a bit of escape room thrown in!

As well as just solving puzzles, there are interactive activities to complete like doodling and drawing elements, and it would be perfect for taking on trips or holidays as it’s so lightweight and doesn’t need any extra pieces or batteries.

I’m a sucker for a mystery myself and I love that I can nurture this same love in her.

Claire Thrifty – Thrify Parent

Our gift idea for a ten-year-old girl is SmartLab Squishy Human Body Model.

It’s not your standard ‘girls toy’ but for those girls that don’t want to be a Princess or dress like a unicorn (not that there’s anything wrong with unicorns or princesses!), this is great.

It’s fun, educational, affordable and it teaches them something (the kids’ parents will love you!).

No batteries required, this 12″ model comes with 21 removable bones and organs, that then have to be reassembled in the correct order.

It’s a terrific gift for a budding young doctor or surgeon – or just a girl that loves science, biology, and finding out how stuff works!

Evan Porter – Dad Fixes Everything

We desperately need to encourage more young girls to get involved in STEM fields. In my opinion, the best gift for a 10-year-old girl would be one that helps her learn skills like coding, engineering, or science.

I love play robots like the Wonder Workshop Dash Robot that allow kids to program their own commands and functions.

It comes ready to use right out of the box and girls can work their way up using different apps to enable basic behaviors all the way up to more advanced sequences, depending on their age and how quickly they pick up the programming language.

This robot (and others like it) are used in schools all over the country to introduce kids to science, engineering, and coding — and they work so well because they’re actually fun to play with!

This toy comes with a rechargeable internal battery so kids can use it again and again and again.

It’s an awesome first step for girls that will give them the confidence to keep pursuing STEM as they grow into middle school and beyond.

Balint Horvath – Project Father

Well, as you know, just a few days ago a historic event happened: SpaceX and NASA launched astronauts to the ISS. This is a major event that sparks the curiosity of not only many adults, but also children. It’s easy to see that almost all children are fascinated by the night sky and at some point, many of us wanted to be astronauts.

It’s a shame that at some point during a girl’s development, her attention shifts to activities that are supposed to be reserved for girls only. They play with dolls, they want to help mummy cook. That’s all nice, but what about science or engineering fields where there’s a severe lack of women?

My recommendation for a gift for a 10-year-old girl is this toy. It includes 4 women astronauts, showing girls that their dreams can become true even if they are girls. Not only boys can dream big. Needless to say, since it’s a LEGO toy, it offers other benefits, too which boosts kids’ creativity.

Leisa Papa – Little Kids Business

If you have a ten-year-old girl’s birthday on the horizon you will know that every girl is different however most have one thing in common and that is the love of creating music.

What better way to give the gift of music and enable your child to create learn along the way. Smartivity Mechanical Xylofun Music Fun – Let’s make music is one of the coolest and latest S.T.E.M toys.

Affordably priced, with learning based on a D.I.Y. kit, your child can create their very own music for every ear. This gift includes all the elements required to build a music machine, including pegs for arranging and rearranging notes.

Once assembled, children learn about music notations and can compose their own tunes by placing the pegs in different slots.

For those a little nervous, there are easy to read instructions for composing two simple tunes to allow children to explore the magical and wonderful world of music.

For Ages: 8 years and older, this gift will take approximately 90 min to build with no batteries required. With the ability to develop unlimited Analytical, Creative, Motor and Practical Skills, children will love to actually compose their own music tunes on something they made. Show and tell is going to be exciting.

Denise Lisi DeRosa – Cyber Sensible

Get Girls Tech!

More and more our lives, relationships, knowledge, education, and careers are centered around technological literacy so I say, get the girls some tech!

My suggestion is to start with video games. This may seem counter-intuitive given that much of our discussions about technology center around screen time overuse concerns and gaming addiction.

So, why am I suggesting video games? Studies have shown that girls’ interest in STEM diminishes due to the lack of digital products marketed specifically to girls.

We need to make sure that girls are provided the same on-ramps to the tech industry as boys. This starts with games that are created with girls in mind.

For 10-year-old girls, I suggest the Nintendo Switch. There are a number of games that can be played together with family or friends and several titles are geared toward girls.

In addition to popular games like Animal Crossing, Minecraft, Super Mario Party or Pokemon are titles like Just Dance, The Legend of Zelda, Gris, Spyro Reignited Trilogy, and Ori and the Blind Forest.

If we encourage girls to enjoy tech when they are young, maybe they’ll become the powerful tech leaders of tomorrow.

Mikaela Walker – Orlando Parents Magazine

The best gift for a 10-year-old girl is a Nintendo Switch Lite (my daughter will be getting one for her birthday). At this age, girls seem to have grown out of pretty much everything except electronics, so a Nintendo Switch Lite is a perfect choice, as she will still be delighted with it, but it is much cheaper than a tablet or a computer.

She will be able to take the Switch Lite in the car with her on longer car rides or on road trips. This will keep her fully occupied so that the travel time will fly by. Parents will no longer hear the dreaded words of I am bored and how much longer until we get there.

The Nintendo Switch Lite is also perfect for taking along on plane rides, as it is compact and won’t take up too much space in a carry-on. Your daughter won’t care how long your layover is or how the flight takes as she will have something to entertain her.

Claudie Pomares – Mendability

The best gift for today’s ten-year-old girl is a smartphone without a plan but with Facetime style apps.

Ten-year-olds do not yet have a clear sense of identity and they define their universe by parents’ approval and peers’ acceptance. They are not anxious to grow older and mimic the look and behaviour of adults which is still too confusing and beyond their psychological horizons.

They surrender to cravings, only exercise if their lives depend on it and are happy in their temporary cocoon.

The magic of childhood which gave life to dolls and plush toys is fading rapidly and they rarely find interest in what demands steady focus or effort.

The first feminine trait to blossom in ten-year-olds is the imperative need for unending chatter with other little girls, nose-to-nose, joy to joy, jumping from whispers to shouts in an adorable frenzie.

Little girls of today only envy one thing their older siblings possess: a phone which opens wide the wonders of timeless and location free conversations with all their best friends.

They will become egocentric teenagers soon enough. It is best to provide a phone early, at an age when they still can be taught about the safe use of the inernet.

Christina Cay – C’MON MAMA

For a 10-year-old girl, the best gift is one that gives her a sense of autonomy. Ten years old is a key age in terms of overflowing curiosity & the desire for some level of independence.

Her own digital camera is one of the best gifts you could give a 10-year-old girl! It is something she can easily learn to operate on her own, it fosters exploration, and it will enable her to share how she sees the world with others.

A digital camera is also a “nice” gift that will make her feel special & important, and a gift like that will encourage her to take care of her things. She will also learn to make sure it is charged before she intends to use it, which further teaches personal responsibility.

But the bottom line is—she’ll love it.

Bonus points if you throw in a tiny photo printer she can keep in her room & operate independently so she can print her favorite snapshots on demand. We used to decorate our walls with posters—how about decorating her wall with pictures & portraits she took herself?

We often say if only we could see the world through a child’s eyes. Let’s give them the tools to show us.

Jane Wilson – Modern Housewives

In my opinion, the perfect gift for a 10 years old girl, is an Instax Mini 9 Instant Camera. It’s a great gift because it’s cool and classical at the same time.

It’s not a digital camera, but the pictures get developed instantly, which is pretty awesome and impressive.

She can run around, make memories, and get cool images she can later on present as cards or just glue them to a notebook or anything else she likes.

These cameras also come in many nice and vivid colours, like flamingo pink or lime green. You can see the product here.

Tracy Murdock – Your Twin Mom

A camera would be a fun gift for a ten-year-old girl.

She could take photos of nature or family. She could create a collage of pictures. She could add pictures to a journal to create a story.

She could set up a photoshoot with her favorite dolls dressed up. She could create a keepsake journal of fun memories with her family that summer.

She could take pictures of animals she observes and adds them to a science journal with animal reports.

Lauren Schmitz – The Simple Homeschooler

We are actually celebrating a birthday for my oldest daughter very soon, so I have been doing a lot of gift shopping lately.

I think the best gift you can give a 10-year-old girl is lego sets. They are an incredible screen-free way to get your girl thinking, building, and creating!

There are endless options to pick from – your daughter could build a palace, a treehouse, or a rocket ship! She will be amazed at what she is capable of building by just following the step by step directions.

Once she has put her lego set together, she can display it – or more likely, take it apart and make something completely different!

She is challenging herself, learning so much, taking pride in her work, and having so much fun!

Definitely a win-win!

Dave Pedley – Your Cub

Finding good gifts for a 10-year-old girl can be challenging, it’s that in-between stage where they’re “leaving” childhood and entering the tricky pre-teen years.

They’re probably seeking more independence than usual and forming their specific tastes and styles.

Personally, I love crafting kits. These kits come in a variety of ways and you’re sure to find an option suitable for the girl you’re gifting… it’s a great activity that doesn’t involve the screen, she can get her friends involved and you have an end-product that serves as a great memory.

Dhanya – Parenting Passage

I believe that gifts for children should have an educational aspect as well as being fun. The best gifts are those that allow children to apply knowledge learned in school to real-life activities that they enjoy.

At 10 years old a child can be enrolled into a PADI Scuba Diver certification course. At school, they will be starting to learn about biology, physics, and the environment. During the course, they will cover all these subjects and put them into practical use in the water hopefully seeing Nemo at the same time!

The course has 3 parts:

– 3 Knowledge Development Sections (eLearning, independent study or in a classroom) to understand basic principles of scuba diving

– 3 Confined Water Dives to learn basic scuba skills which can be done in the pool or in swimming pool-like conditions

– 2 Open Water Dives to use the skills and knowledge to learn and explore the underwater world.

The Open Water dives can be completed on holiday in warm water within a year of passing the first 2 parts. This really is a sport that keeps families holidaying and taking breaks together for years and spans generations.

Shannon Serpette – Mom Loves Best

I’d recommend a Razor A Kick scooter for a 10-year-old girl. My daughter got so much use out of her scooter at that age. Whenever she’d want to go to a friend’s house, she’d hop on her scooter and get there faster.

You don’t need any batteries for this product, and there are several color choices. If your daughter doesn’t like pink, she can opt for other less-girly colors.

They are much more affordable than bikes, less intimidating for kids to try, and they take up far less storage room.

Also, it’s a gift that will help kids stay active and keep those unwanted pounds off. It’s a good exercise for kids, and it can help teach your child how to ride a bike when all else fails.

After a year of riding her scooter, my daughter, who had never learned how to ride a bike, hopped right on a bike and was able to ride it with no problems.

Katie Green – Green Active Family

To me, the best gift for a pre-teen girl is one that’s going to get her away from screen time and outside to enjoy sunny, active days.

To this end, I’d recommend an age-appropriate kick scooter that’s going to grow with her throughout her teen years, too. Scooters are a great gift because they can be used independently or with friends.

They’re a good option for encouraging an active lifestyle on days when friends aren’t around to hang out. She’ll also be able to scoot with friends, either by sharing her own scooter or with friends who have their own.

Scooters are also super practical for getting to and from school and after school activities – doubly so for parents who might be concerned about germs spreading via a school bus. Just double-check your school’s policy before bringing the scooter for the first time.

When shopping for a scooter for a 10-year-old-girl, look for a model that’s going to last a few years, at minimum. Most pre-teen and teen scooters will be suitable, in terms of weight and height, so look for something with good reviews in relation to the price point.

Personally, I like Lascoota’s teen scooter. Despite the name, it’s suitable from ages 8 and up. The handlebar is height adjustable, so this scooter should last well into her teen years.

Joel Flynn – Gentleman Zone

Girls are very tricky at this age. Dolls and construction playsets won’t work on your typical 10-year old.

In their heads, they see themselves as “almost teens” and you just can’t argue with their logic.

If the kid is into sports, your best bet is going to be a skateboard or bicycle.

If she is on the artistic side, a secret diary or a fancy fashion coloring book is the way to go.

Also, a pet is always a good alternative – there isn’t a kid on this planet that won’t be happy with a hamster.

Whatever you do, DO NOT buy her a stuffed animal – you won’t hear the end of it.

Scarlet Paolicchi – Family Focus Blog

I would say that the best gift for a ten-year-old is one that encourages her interests. This lets her know that you pay attention to what interests her and that you value her thoughts and feelings.

So if you notice she is quite the reader, some nicely bound copies of books in the genre she enjoys would be perfect.

If you notice she is a writer, a pretty journal and some fancy calligraphy pens may be just the ticket.

If you have a budding scientist on your hands, a telescope, chemistry kit, or crystal making kit may be perfect for her.

If you don’t know the girl well enough to know her interests, I would suggest a craft kit a great all-purpose gift. Crafts are great for encouraging creativity and can be personalized by the girl to suit her style.

They also involve a lot of elements that are great for children, following directions, often learning new skills, problem-solving, and more.

There are all kinds of fun craft kits available or you could even create your own if you have a particular ability you’d like to share such as jewelry making, crocheting, etc. A craft gift is a great experience gift that they then get to keep as decoration.

Pinky McKay

I bought my granddaughter a sewing machine for her 10th birthday, she had been sewing with me when she visited, asking to sew every time she stayed overnight.

She had started making dolls clothes, scrunchies, a reusable bag and a baby carrier for her dolls, we have drafted patterns together, she has learned how to create and follow a pattern, use various seams eg french seams when she made her doll’s pants.

A sewing machine is a vehicle to encourage creativity, confidence, self-sufficiency, and self-esteem as the ten-year-old learns useful, practical life skills.

Erum Zehra – Muslim Moms

I recommend these card games as gifts for ten-year-old girls.

Mad Dragon: An Anger Control Card Game

Young children often have trouble understanding their feelings and emotions and what causes them. This makes it harder for parents to understand and deal with them as well. These card games help children understand emotions, express them and communicate them while playing a game with their parents.

This results in a therapeutic experience for both the parent and the child and they are able to understand each other better and communicate better.

Helen Wills – Actually Mummy

I would say every 10-year-old girl loves glitter! And as girls around this age are starting to become interested in making their own fashion statements, experimenting with face glitter and gems is a wonderful way to let them unleash their creativity.

These Gypsy Shrine face jewels are fun for tween girls who want to dress up for a party, or for creating ‘looks’ on a sleepover. They can go for the full face or hair-parting glitter look, or just use a crystal teardrop for a bit of dazzle. They stick really well and come off with normal makeup remover.

I don’t think parents should be worried about their daughters experimenting with makeup at this age either.

My own daughter became very interested in makeup techniques from YouTube tutorials and started appearing with beautiful eye makeup that was totally beyond her years.

I worried for a long time, but eventually, she stopped, and now at 15 goes for a very natural look.

My point is, it’s just creativity – basically colouring and craft for older girls! Let them enjoy creating fun looks for parties with glitter and gems, and they will love you for it.

Samantha Radford – Evidence-based Mommy

My daughter loves figures from the Schleich Bayala set. These beautifully crafted figurines include elves, unicorns, mermaids… everything from a little girl’s fantasy world! These realistic toys contain a lot of detail, making them super fun to play with.

The Glittering Flower House (with a stable for the horses) comes with a tiny kitchen, a dining area, and more. In addition, you can buy several separately sold unicorns, elves, and dragons to build a whole universe.

The best part about the Bayala set is how it inspires imaginative play. I love listening to the adventures my daughters come up with while playing with their unicorns and fairies. The girls have the fairies cook, ride their unicorns (each fairy and unicorn pair have magnets to make sure they stay together during play).

Schleich toys are beautifully made. My daughter knows that these figures are special toys and takes care of them.

And if your daughter isn’t into unicorns and fantasy, Schleich also offers other playsets – including all sorts of animals, dinosaurs, horse stable sets… There are a lot of options out of this company.

In a world where most toys are electronic and we’re pushing kids to grow up faster and faster, I love that these toys don’t require batteries, just creativity. They’re a great way to get your kids playing and actually enjoying childhood.

Christopher Byrne – The Toy Guy

Tie-Dye is back in a big way. Major designers like Prada and Burberry have been showing the treatment on the runway.

It was featured in a huge Project Runway episode earlier this year.

10-Year-Old girls are aware of fashion in the larger culture, and, of course, want to be cool.

Highly recommended for the opportunity for creativity and self-expression, plus the fun of wearing (or sharing) something you made yourself.

Plus, this combines creativity, fashion, sharing, and social play (Probably just within the family for now.)

This is very easy to use. Tie up the fabric (like a t-shirt up to a Men’s L) put it in the spherical container. Mix up the dyes. Turn the crank, and squirt in the dyes from the one-direction openings, which means NO MESS.

Easy to rinse, wash, wear, and share.

You can make multiple designs with the materials provided, and the instructions show kids how to tie up their fabrics for optimal results.

Plus, it’s a great value at $19.99.

The only drawback: It’s selling out as fast as they can get it in stock! Truly one of the hottest toys for the first half of the year.

Oh, and boys can play, too!

Available at Target, Walmart, and Amazon.

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