Cancer APR 25 -30 2022**YOU WILL STAND IN THE Light OF Reality AND Delivers YOU ALL Types OF COIN**💲💲💵🌈


My identify is Jewel, I am a Tarot card reader and I have had this specific gift of hearing messages from Shaman Masters and Spirit Guides given that the age of 5. A single of my earliest Spirit Guided recollections as a youthful baby was telling my sister she would marry a Law enforcement Officer and have 2 small children, both of those a boy and a female…and that is precisely what took place! My reward has ongoing to unfold in this way my entire lifetime, and it is my soul reason to share it with the environment. 🌎

I give world-wide readings to aid guide other souls with messages of adore, as we are all connected spiritually in just the universe, and we raise each other with a collective of positive strength. This is my passion, and it is my mission to support individuals stay their lives in the most effective way attainable. With unity we will all dwell in enjoy, and not give in to panic. ✌

My Astrological signals are as follows:

Solar Aquarius
Moon Sagittarius
Increasing Aquarius
Venus Capricorn
Mercury Aquarius
Saturn Aquarius

***You should Be aware MY Examining ARE NOW Open up Starting up APRIL 1*** I AM BOOKED** BLESSINGS TO ALL THAT HAVE Requested A Reading through I am Operating ON THEM********

Because you enjoy my readings and want to guidance the channel to help me unfold messages of enjoy, please take a look at my store to get your customized Shaman Seer Tarot goods at 💖

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I am not a licensed medical professional. Just about anything expressed in this online video or or else, is my individual opinion and ought to be considered as amusement uses only. If you determine to purchase 1 of the decks utilizing the one-way links beneath, I get a smaller royalty from it and it genuinely can help develop far more information for you! Thank you so a lot!
“As an Amazon Affiliate I gain from qualifying purchases A little fee.”

**Tarot Cards applied on my channel**
Radiant Smart Spirit Tarot –
Hanson Roberts Tarot –
The Mild Seers Tarot –
The Guilded Tarot –
Morgan Greer Tarot –
Tarot of Enchanted Desires –
Tarot Grand Luxe –
The Animal-Wise Tarot –
Aquarius Tarot –
The Excellent Tarot –
Arcanum Tarot –
Gilded Reverie Expanded Addition –
Fin De Siecle Kipper –

**Oracle cards employed on my channel**
Spirit of the Animals Oracle –
Spirit Animal Oracle –
Natures Whispers –
Quantum Oracle –
Moonology –
Oracle of the 7 Energies –
Divine Feather Messenger –
Spellcasting Oracle playing cards –
Strength Oracle –
Oracle of Visions –
Whispers of Lord Ganesha –
The Oracle of E –
The Enchanted Map –
Oracle of Unicorns –
Sacred Rebels –
Chinese Fortune Telling Playing cards –
Whispers of Healing –


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