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35 replies on “Busted”

Whomever was put in charge of composing that particular message knew exactly who their audience is. Well played.

I like that any corporate jargon is instead just replaced with as much “how do you do fellow kids” language as possible. Out of touch but in the exact opposite direction, lol.

I have never had an account on this site, nor have I visited it since it got porn-free, still I feel like its culture has infused my life in a very weird way my IRL friends will never understand. I read the staff’s message and thought that these are mah people, although they are very much not really my people at all.

>P.s. obviously you will never discover our real secret staff blogs.

They could be any one of us. They could be in this very room!

They know their audience, for example they made such intentionally shitty early internet aesthetic ads for ad free tumblr that users are just reblogging them for fun

Okay, this is the only moment I let a brand act chill and slide it, because no other company would get away with saying “senpai notices you” without causing a Twitter shitstorm.

We respect Tumblr in this household.

I don’t know much about Tumblr but this post just improved my opinion of the site by 1000%

Tumblr staff has always had a good sense of humor. I still remember when they implemented the chat feature, the post they made alongside is was absolutely hilarious. Very passive aggressive and sassy. I still have it saved somewhere.

That’s the best attitude to have towards this sort of thing. Let it continue, but ensure it won’t cause problems

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