Bully being a non-stop POS

Bully becoming a non-halt POS

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I remember this from a while ago. Hopefully this kid learned a lesson. Still young, he has time to become something other than a trash pile.

A kid bullying a grown man? Anyone in their right mind would shove the little prick out the way

That kid has a hard life ahead of him if that’s how he’s already acting. I hope he changes but for some reason it feels he’ll could possibly get worse. 😣

It also makes me wonder what provoked him.

Hopefully this kid uses that as a lesson to not bully people, but I’m not entirely hopeful of that

Poor kid, never had a chance to avoid those emotional development issues. Maybe the public embarrassment will shock him into shaping up.

I’m pleasently surprised that not everyone immediately took the kids side. I thought for sure the other guy was about to get his ass kicked for (rightfully) pushing the brat on the ground

Man I ain’t learn those bad words till I was way older lol what’s going on with the kids Nowadays

Everyone has a breaking point with anger, and that kid fucked around and found out that guys breaking point, and tbh this guy did better than I would in same situation

First it’s calling someone dusty old bones and saying they are full of green dust, then it’s this.

The man tried repeatedly to step away from the brat. Now hopefully the kid learned his lesson. What I don’t understand is he’s like 80 pounds and wants to fight, kid a strong poodle could take you down.

Bullies haven’t changed over the years. This kid is textbook, down to the shoes that are 3 sizes too big. Nothing is more gratifying than seeing a bully go from big dog to sniveling, squalling baby in the blink of an eye, once they realize they can’t hang. To this kid’s credit, I’ve never seen his type go after an adult like that. He’s got to be pretty stupid to think he could overpower even an average adult.

I’m not saying I’m happy to see a kid get hurt. But, it is fucking hilarious. Act like a man, get thrown to the floor like a man. So don’t cry like one.

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