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Yup, social media means that the top 20% of men in terms of attractiveness/wealth are having most of the sex. This is defiantly going to lead to social problems down the line, you’ve heard of working class wait until we have a virgin class.

When women can get the attention of wealthy slightly older men on social media, why would they mess around with anyone except for the best looking and wealthiest men their own age?

The problem is not that, its what the future of this nation when new generation live in metaverse? Crypto, VR and gaming seems to be more important.

This may be getting worse. Social media/phone addiction/loneliness is to blame. No one wants a serious relationship these days.

We getting fucked by J powell, Jim Cramer and ken griffin, we don’t need a female sex partner

For me the troubles started after i had sex. Better stay away, i take care of it for humanity

I wonder what the number is for women. Then it could mean that someone is crushing serious pussy or women are preferring financially stable older men.

If match group’s released numbers serve, something like 80 percent if women are a swipe and message away from having casual sex with the top 10 percent of men whenever they want. This distorts every romantic interaction. Ever go into a brick and mortar, pick something thing up and think “ill just order this cheaper on amazon”? The same thing is going through the head of that plain Jane you’re hitting on at the bar.

What’s scary is people at that age tend to exaggerate the number of times it happened.

Oh look. Another trend that dramatically fucking accelerated with social media in 2009. Girls started committing suicide and guys apparently became perma virgins.

We are so so fucked.

Well yeah people are getting fucking fat and socially inept. It’s going to be a new wave of darwinism.

I don’t envy the youth today, the dating scene is fucked and pretty toxic. And I think many young people are also realizing that being in a relationship is not necessary and that there are other things in life to get on with.

Also I have a mate who is 29, good looking, good job, normal – women aren’t interested

A lot of young men have had significantly less opportunities to meet women in person in the last two years.

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