Boy and his massive teddy bear

Boy and his huge teddy bear

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I wish I could cuddle like that with my dogs, but both of the ones who would even want to cuddle with me are way too hyper and will jump their 40 pound asses onto my side if they want to.

A baby snuggles with a mop and it’s totally cute….I snuggle with a mop and my wife gets mad….

That’s so beautiful. You can tell how much they love each other and that doggie will protect his boy

I see these dogs here often, what breed are they, and is their coat as difficult to maintain as it looks? These dogs seem like they would need daily brushing if not twice a day unless it somehow doesn’t tangle

Reminds me of Fritzie , my grandmothers 100lbs German Shepherd. Had great naps laying on him as a kid.

That poor kiddo is gonna be crushed when his buddy sheds his mortal coil. Dogs are the best but they leave behind so much.

Darn that camera-man for not giving me access to a 24/7 live feed of child w/ best friend. As a kid, and even now as an old adult, I have never discovered anything more peaceful and soothing than to bury my head into the chest of a giant pup…I could watch this for hours on end!

I miss being this small,
When everything else was big.
This is probably why I like grizzly bears.

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