Bought this from their official tik tok.

Received this from their official tik tok.

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Waited for the $143 worth of gold flake to be added. Oddly enough, I am less disappointed with the actual outcome. Absolutely confused, but less disappointed.

If you google their Menu, nothing on the menu is over $30. No way they would really have this pizza on their menu at that price. Gullible is the word of the day folks.

About 50 years ago there was a pizza place in the next state over that had a $100 PB&j sandwich on the very bottom of the menu. Everyone assumed it was a joke, turned out that ordering it was the code to be let into the brothel upstairs…

Is this the kinda thing where even they think it’s so stupid that they don’t actually want to make and sell it??

Yall Im pretty sure the joke is that you’re gonna have to pay me a minimum of $150 if you want me to desecrate my oven with this pitiful excuse for a pizza pie.

The amount of people here that took this seriously is horrifying.

It’s $150 so you don’t buy it, it’s a joke based on stupid things people blow their money on. And if you are dumb enough to pay them $150 for it, massive win for them as it’s about 30 cents worth of product.

Y’all are crazy for taking this seriously…can only hope half the replies to this are bots.

Are people really asking “Well for that price, it should be freshly made jam with artisan peanut butter blah blah blah”?

People, its a fucking joke. If this thing is even on a menu, its literally a joke. Hes basically saying “the only way we will make you this stupid thing is if you pay us enough money to ignore how dumb it is”.

You guys are taking this way too seriously

The second worse crime here, after the price, is sticking a dirty peanut butter covered spoon, into the jelly jar.

Some lady down the street had a sign advertising BJs for $50. Sure it costs less, but who would want a Butter Jelly sandwich?

They also have another video talking about how it’s been doing so well that they are going to go get a “whole truckload” of peanut butter and jelly to keep up with sales.

It’s obviously a joke.

This video is suspicious. He is VERY inexperienced, like he doesn’t make pizza often. Uneven cuts. Left screen in oven. Cut it BEFORE it went in box. Even the way he spread the peanut butter was amateur. This is not a man who makes pizzas for a living I promise.

“For $150 we don’t wanna skimp on your products” he says using Skippy peanut butter and Smuckers jam

I50$ !!! He tells how to make it annnd he tells us all the ingredients, omg. I feel so honored. Lmao. Fucking people these days.

>We don’t want to skimp on the products…

So why not make a 20” pizza with all the PB&J and not a 10” piece of shit.

*”we don’t want to skim on anything here, guys we have the product which will give you diabetes and all the disease in world, all you have to do is transfer us all you money”*

^ what i heard

For a country without socialised medical care, America certainly seems to be intent on providing everyone with clogged arteries.

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