Bless the modding local community

Bless the modding community

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Virgin Nintendo vs the chad modding community. Thank goodness for them, in any and all games!

I’ve thought about modding my switch recently. I checked the serial number and it appears my switch is one of the OGs (not patched).

I am a bit concerned though since this will be my first time, and the likelyhood of me messing it up seems pretty high.

As a total newbie, all of these stuff seems so complicated with so many unfamiliar terms.

From what I’ve gathered so far — I want to install Hekate (to create and store my nand backup file), Acropolis and skyline, and purchase a rcm jig.

Do you have any tips or videos that could explain all the necessary steps and knowledge I need to know before going in to this?

I only want to mod my switch for Smash ultimate skins, and I plan to play with it online.

Any advice is appreciated 🙂

Glad I can be apart of the chad modders now, still not something I thought would happen coming into the year.

4,100 skins is a lot, but are all of them good? mehhhhhhhh
i mean don’t get me wrong, I’ve seen some insane mods out there but when you compare the good to the bad it doesn’t look as pleasant. but hey at least the modding community gives us skins. if only modding the game was easy to do and i knew how

Let’s be real. If Nintendo did add paid skins to the game, people would just be mad about it.

Games typically charge between 5-40 dollars for a character skin. If they added only one skin to every character, it would be an insane price to get all of them. So they would say, how about a new skin for every character for only 30 bucks. Then the skins would be kinda underwhelming, people would freak out and mod them anyways.

This is exactly what happened with MK8DX. People begged for new tracks, eventually Nintendo added them. People are mad about them. Same thing would happen with smash.

Le cringe professional standards not creating too many microtransactions vs le chad poorly done skins that take about 5 minutes to make

>literally free money

I mean… no. They still have to make the skins lmao

Obviously not comparable to stages and characters but work is work. Still I agree with the point that they’re like mii costumes in that they’d get so much more money for the effort

Honestly Nintendo won’t do this because to be honest we will ask for shit and then when we get it we start complaining about it. MK8DX’s new tracks being added is a great example of that.

The other day I downloaded a sick mod for Byleth that turns them into Monster Hunter, and it’s so well done I could not ask for it to be any better, it’s even got a better animated final smash which is pretty embarrassing for Byleth.

Gamers: “fuck microtransactions >:(”

Nintendo gamers: “more microtransactions >:(“

I was considering getting a 2nd switch to mod for, but other than Smash, I wonder what other games would be good to mod.

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