Blachowicz vs Rakić ends by TKO

Blachowicz vs Rakić finishes by TKOć_finishes_by_tko/

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25 replies on “Blachowicz vs Rakić ends by TKO”

Good on Jan to invest in the leg kicks early on, compromised his footwork.

Puts a little extra weight on the right leg since his left one’s carved off and bam.

*gollum gollum*

This was not a fluke ending. I know we’re seeing a lot of “no one wanted the fight to end like this” as if it was some unprovoked injury.

Jan was terrorizing that lead leg. It was clear that Rakic was starting to favor his right leg for stability. It really is unfortunate that it caused such a bad injury, but if it weren’t for Jan wearing out that lead leg it wouldn’t have happened.

Good win for Jan.

Can’t even look at it.

Can watch dude get their face punched in no problem.

But random knee injury can’t even look at the screen

The cut in Jans eye looked like another shot would’ve split open his eye socket. And rakic might have the fastest right hand in lhw

Ok but how do the commentators know for sure that Jan kicking one leg repeatedly didn’t lead to the other knee blowing out? That amount of force on one leg could’ve killed the other?

Remember kids. These guys work out and train properly like militants so if they can blow a knee in a professional fight? You could blow a knee easily in a real one.

Let’s all take a moment to remember that fighting is only worth it if you are getting paid.

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