Bionic Examining – Working with font weights to raise reading through speed

Bionic Reading – Making use of font weights to raise examining speed

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This is also how you can speed read. But the brain picks up the words after the “space” between them and focuses there too make the sentence.

Though I feel like this hinders my reading and slows it down in my case, I can really see it working for me when I’m tired and losing focus.

Goes with the same principle as:

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I read the first half in ordinary and the second half in bionic and holy fuck it did work

Edit: I read the first sentence in the original font. I finished the passage in the bionic font. I read it out loud. It felt a little easier with the bionic font.

I read the bionic one first and understood it easily. I tried to read the first paragraph and it felt sluggish.

My brain can’t not read the whole word, so I probably take three times as long to read the bionic version. I read the bolded half, then the unbolded half, then put them together.

Yeah, no. I felt like I was stuttering when I was reading that. So choppy and the words were individual words rather than a flowing sentence that makes sense.

Ive been reading normal books for years. So bionic reading just hurts my eyes and makes me go back to double check they spelt everything.

Sure I can read faster but comprehension is different. If the message was any more complex I’d still have to take my time to read through and I’m used to reading research papers. Also as someone pointed out, reading a same paragraph the second time will always have you reading faster the second time.

I get why this works, but I hate it so much. It’s like the author is yelling the first syllable of every word

Nope. It’s not working for me. It’s like suddenly everything is lopsided and I’m second guessing every word I read.

It’s much easier to quickly read the normal text.

I read the left faster. Probably cause my brain is trying to figure out wtf this text is bolded for

That didn’t really speed up my reading by much, but it made my eyes hurt and made me accidentally skip a bunch of words for some reason

Am I the only one that finds bionic text to be horrible? It felt like sensory overload and I couldn’t read it at all without panicking

I have completed the Chrome Extension, and it’s just waiting for Approval. It’s called TorpedoRead and will be available on the Chrome App Store very soon!

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