Bhai Ke sath Dukh baatne se Dukh kam hota hai

Bhai Ke sath Dukh baatne se Dukh kam hota hai

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Wasted 2 yrs online , now dropped to repeat 12th cos science mein good marks chahiye

Just wished ki yeh sall waste nhi kiya hota

Meri girlfriend ne mujhse 50 din ke andar breakup krliya tha kyuki bachapn mai unke pita ji ne unhe pyar nhi kiya tha aur uska khena tha ki usse bhi Krna nhi ata aur irony ki baat ye hai ki propose bhi usi ne kiya tha.

i am a jee 2nd dropper only 10% syllabus completed.

1 wasted 4 year of my life(self study)

i stole around 20k( not in one day , its total till now) from home for my expence 😩😭.

i have a spoiled body , mind ,soul i am done in this world

na koi friends hain na koi love na family support.

my rope order on the way from flipcart.

max 2 days in this hell ,i will go anathor hell.

Mere 3 bohot close friends same ladki ko pasand karte hain

Aur mai teeno ko push kar raha hoon bolne ke liye

Well everybody’s sharing some secrets so….behti ganga mai haath dho hi lo lmao.

I don’t have anybody with me. Like not a single friend, no trust in family. I am completely alone. And this was the reason I was in depression for almost 3 years. One day my dad saw my marks and beat me to shit. Bhot gaaliya di. To summarize, he said ” you go in depression, you go fuck yourself, idc. I need marks for the university.” I didn’t know what to do, so I tried to commit suicide. But failed. Tried again, failed. Now I don’t know myself, how I feel. Sad- no. Emotionless- might be. Happy- not a chance.

Lmao kisi ne suicide ka report kar diya merko

Are bhenchod ye kuch zyada hi upar chala gaya hai. Ab saala secret to secret bhi nahi raha 🤦

Are bhai itna upar kyu jaa rha hai ye? Meri story itni bhi sad nahi hai yaar lmfao

Bruh i was sleeping next to my dad as a 14-15 yr old suddenly it started itching in my dick I started rubbing it I didn’t realise what was happening and got a pain in my stomach and some white fluid came out of my dick (cum) yeah I didn’t knew what it was so i just slept with the cum inside my pants lol.

Main jee 1st year dropper hun… Pichle saal 95 percentile laane ke baad bhi i fucked my counsiling…. Mujhe ek ladki bohot pasand hai since i was in tenth…. Ab pyaar se zyaada regret reh gaya hai usko nahi propose karne ka… Although i had 2 gfs in my 11th… I was just trying to forget her .. par i can’t forget her coz of this regret…. Ek aur baat hai ki 11th mere sirf 71% aaye the and maine kuch padhai bhi nai ki thi coz bohot aaiyashiyan kiya tha wo saal coz koi chutiye ne bol diya tha ki 11th isn’t imp…. Twelfth main kaise bhi ghas ghas ke 88% percent takk pahunch gaya tha… Ab do saal lockdown ke baad highly introvert ban gaya hun… And I’m facing hairfall as well jiska exam ke baad treatment lena hai… Bohot insecure iss saal ke result ko lekar… In short bolun in these two years I’ve become introvert, loser, regret main rehne waala chutiya from an extrovert, champ, A headboy, and an over achiever

My parents found out i used watch porn when they were at work at 13, history delete karna nahi ata tha

Father died when i was 5 , raised by single mother , both sister married , mother is diabetic and heart patient whole life spent on handling family issues , no support from relatives , being a shy person never had any friends , when i see others of my age feels bad i lost all my childhood , i dont like series or tv shows with high school cause i didnt had one now after this year i will find a job and will take the step on running wheel of life may b after 30 years or so will die , i dont think there will be anyone who will mourn for me. Not saying im alone just saying no one deserves a life with harsh childhood , some may b thinking im over exaggerating but im sharing the things which i think is understandable to share and wont need sympathy for that there are many things . I just want if i have a child i will raise him in all good mannered environment away from every greedy shit and hope may b someday i will help someone too .

Chose a career because had no choice. Hated it. Spent 7 years in it, failed over and over again. Don’t know how to be around people anymore. Sitting alone in a room for the most of it. I make sure I’m as distant from everyone as i possibly can be. Starting with another career from scratch again.

I was standing in a queue and a uncle got behind me and started rubbing his penis on me i didn’t like that but I was quite at that time never told anyone even not my family

Mera best friend meri crush se meri baare me galat chize batata th taki meri crush me ko dekhe bhi na

Mom caught me watching porn and beat a shit out of me with slipper and now she don’t trust me 😔😔😔

I was betrayed by my friends, at multiple moments. Was too innocent, so i realised too late. It’s been an year I don’t have any good friends, whom i can trust. Have social anxiety issues while talking with girls and even new people. The fear of being judged is not letting me my life the way i want it to be.

**JEE clear karne ke baad life acha nhi hota hai**

Idhar BC office mein kitni bhi mehnat karlo, manager ke favourite ko hi promotion milega. Har baar mere saath hi aisa hota hai. Na BC dhang ki hike mili na promotion. Saare efforts waste.

Paise atke pade hai, mat puchna kitne.

BC ek court case chal raha hai. Builder mc nikla.

Bada bhai China mein life enjoy kar raha hai. Puri maa baap ki responsibility le raha hoon fir bhi maa baap ko khushi nahi hai kyunki meri maa ko pure saas banna hai.

Biwi ko taane deti hai kyunki job se wapas aake kitchen mein khana banati hai but slow hai kyunki tiredness ho jaati hai. Upar se maa ne bol diya teri biwi mere liye jaise hai hi nahi.

Baap ko roz daaru lagti hai fir peene ke baad faltu ki bak bak suno.

Zindagi khand hai fir bhi haar nahi maani. Bete ko accha insan banana hai bas.

Bhai bachpan ke baat hai mai aur mera bhai game khlre the. Hm bed ke upar baithke khlre the aur niche mummy ne angeethi (jispe aag jalate hai) jala rkhi thi. Aur mere bhai ne buje bed se dhakka de diya. Mai sidha gaand ke bal angeethi pe gira aur gand jal gyi😓.maine 1 mahine tk girls skirt phenke rkhi😓

I don’t know if OP will see it or not , yeh kissa mera nahi mere dost ka hai , he liked a girl for 4 years , true love one sided , did everything his crush told him to do , he could never confess his feelings to her but when the last days of 10th were near , he decided to go all out.
During his boards , yes actual boards of 10th he wrote a 13 page long love letter for her , bought a 200 wali choclate , put it into an envelope aur bahut dino tak use dene ki koshish karta rha . Ek din ek teacher dekh liya aur usko private m bulake khoob insult Kia , uske behen ko uthwane ki dhamki di aur mere dost ko pitwane ki bhi , woh teacher us ladki mami thi aur hamari supervisor bhi , mera dost khuch din ke liye Maan gaya . Jis din boards ka last paper tha us din woh crush ke peeche peeche jaa rah tha tabhi is teacher ne usko pakda( woh aayi thi us center pe ) school room le andar le gayi , gate band kiya , waha pehle se hi 3-4 aadmi the , usko bhot mara , minor fracture aa gaya uske left femur mein , gharwalon ko usne bola ki sidiyon se gir gya tha. Bhot sad tha 7 din tak pure actual depression mein raha , ro roke bura haal .
Ek din Ghar pe chakkar khake gir gaya , weakness ke karan aur nak tudwaki , and till date his nose is like akhilesh yadav . That time period still gives me chills till this date……

I was in 7 class and didn’t even knew how to search for porn videos and the only pornstar I knew was Sunny Leone so I searched “sunny leone without clothes ” and only got to see her pics and videos in bikini after that I tried more I even wrote without clothes girls and stuff and I didn’t had any idea about history or anything after doing all this I slept at night ( I did the search in evening) and the next I woke up and came to knew that I was caught my sister saw the history and showed it to my whole family and I was beaten to pulp , from that day when ever sunny leone come on any T.V show it is the most awkward moment for me .

Friends lasted as long as I was of use and was reliable. Now I live away from them, hence they have no interest in either calling, or picking my calls.

I was 14 when happened this.. I used to live with my parents in a rented house the landlady she was in her 30s.. Both my parents are working so i used to be with her most my time.. She often put my face on her boobs.. Initially i don’t like that. The things started changing when i turned 15 she started touching me.. I even said to my parents but they laughed and ignored.. She was a pedophile she was the one who made me cum first time..these all continued till i turned 18. I even lost my virginity to her..
We left her house as we purchased a new one..
Sometimes she still comes to my house and today i just feel awkward when she comes infront of me

Ek baar 9th class ke annual show ke time pe crush aur mein ek hi show mein the to school Valon ne kaha ki school aake costume pehene hai to changing room girls aur boys ka same tha toh mein apni baari kapde change karna gaya toh dekha ki darvaza khula tha aur mein kamere Mein change karna chala gaye aur meri crush change kar Rahi thi aur mene usse naked dekh Liya ab usse jab bhi milta hun bohot awkward laga hai

baap ka saya chale jana is the worst thing in this world I lost my father when i was 10 now i am 18 and ab jeene ka man nhi krta ghar mai do behene hai kaise karunga shaadi kaise sambhalunga apni maa ko kya kr rha hu apni life Mai bilkul zero hun life bas suicide nhi Krna chahta warna ab kuch bacha nahi hai mere paas koi dost bhi nahi hai ab mere paas kya kru gharwalo se aankhen nahi mila pata

I once ate dog shit thinking it was chocolate.

So I was just eating some chocolate like a normal kid when I looked down and saw some on the floor. Now since I was a kid, I just thought ‘no chocolate should be wasted’ I picked it up and put it in my mouth without smelling… Apparently someone stepped in shit and dragged it in the house.

Male 25, Delhi. Last year, in May my father got sick. It was prime Corona time. He was 68 years old and diabetic. Initially we thought it’s just a small fever. We were 4 people at that time in our home. My father, mother, elder sister and me. I am the only son. We were afraid to go to hospital as covid was spreading more there. 1 week passed, he stiil had fever and weakness. I scheduled an rtpcr test for him. After sample collection, next morning he passed away.
A day later his reports came. He was covid positive. This is biggest regret of my life that I couldn’t take right action on time to save him. I am introverted person but after this incident I see myself as a looser. I had money and resources. I could have save him only if I had taken some real steps.

Nothing fucked up but

Mere daddu chal base vo, mere life ke pehle dost the. Unhe mujhe dekh kar hi dil ko sukoon milta tha.. aaj me ro bhi nahi sakta kyuki mujhe dekh kar mere parents bhi ro padenge.. roz rona aata he lekin aakho se aasu hi nahi nikaal sakta.. roz andar hi andar gale me ro deta hu

Ek bandi ne propose kiya tha. Exam paas aa rhe they to mene socha baad me Haa kar dunga. Par car accident mein uski death ho gyi. Usko I love you bhi nhi bol paya ek baar

So its a long story please bear with me …

It’s about our last house .. 3 floors ka ghar tha main ground floor pr mere room me sota tha … Main around 15 saal ka tha jab ye hua …

Ek raat main sapna dekhte hue utha gya … Koi bhayanak sa sapna tha and esa khatrnak tha ki main pura paseene me lathpath tha …

Main utha to dekha ki ye bas ek sapna hai aur gehri saans li and uthke paani peene chala gya kitchen me … Vese to mere dadu mere bagal wale room me sote the… Lekin vo kuch din k liye ghr pr nhi the to main ground floor par akela tha ….

Now main jab kitchen me pani pee rha tha to mene light nhi jalayi thi as mujhe pta tha ki kha kya rakha hua hai … To jab main paani pee rha tha to mujhe kisi ko mukka maarte hue ki aawas aayi ..

Like vo aawaz hoti hai n Jo aap agr apne pair pr mukke maro to aawaz aati hai vesi … ..

Ab mere daadu ki aadat thi vo sote samay apne pairo , aur sir pr mukke marte the ..zor se nhi dheere dheere . Unhe pain hota tha to esa krne se unko thoda relax milta tha …

To phle to mujhe lga ki mere dadu hai to mene kuch socha nhi .. tab hi mujhe achanak se yaad aaya ki dadu to hai nhi ghr pr aur thoda sochne pr daadu k room se hi aawaz aa rhi thi..

Main wahi ghabra kar ruk gya .. aur apne dimaag me reasons dhoondhne lga ki ye awaaz kis cheez ki ho skti hai ….. And tab hi mere dimaag me ye baat aayi ki ho skta hai papa ne socha ho ki main akela rahunga pure floor pr… Isliye vo aake dadu k room me so gye ho … Lekin sath hi main ye question bhi aaya dimaag me ki … Dadu to kayi dino se gye hue hai to aaj hi kyu papa neeche aaye h…

Anyways main dheere dheere dadu k room me gya jo ki main gate k bagal me tha aur unke room se ek khidki bahar ki taraf nikalti thi…

Jab mene andar jaake room ki light jalayi to … Vha na to koi tha aur light on krte hi aawaz bhi band ho gyi …

Main darr to gya tha lekin Darr se zyada main confused ho gya tha ..

Anyways mene ise meri neend ki halat samjh k ignore kiya aur washroom chala gya … Washroom dadu k room k opposite aur main gate k dusri side pr hai .. jab main gya aur apna nunu pakad k Susu krne gya to .. Susu krte krte meri nazar wc k raushan daan pr padi jo ki bahar ki taraf khulta tha , and tab mene jo dekha .. it still haunts me..

Mene dekha ki ek kala sa aadmi jiski bohot badhi daadhi thi , uske chehre par jhurriya thi and ek lamba sa cut rh uski naak k pass aur uski sabse khatarnaak baat thi ki uski aankhein bilkul laal thi.. jese ki vo abhi hi apni aankho ko bohot der tk masal kr aaya ho …

Main ek bohot hi bada horror fan hu so .. mujhe to ye samjh nhi aaya ki vo insaan sach me insaan hi tha ya kuch aur…

Kuch der dar k mare freez rhne k baad jab main hosh Me aaya to main cheekha and mere cheekhne ki aawaz se vo insaan bhaag gya aur mere papa mmy aur meri behne uth k aa gye upr wale floors se ….

Jab mene unhe sab kuch btaya to papa bahar dekhne gye to hamara chawkidaar khoon me lathpath behosh pada tha…

Kher police bulayi gyi and jab cctv check kiya gya to usme 3 log record hue jinke haath me badi rifles and bade khanjar jese hathiyar the … Unko dekh kr lg rha tha ki yaa to vo hume maarne aaye the ya hume dara kr lootne …

Jab vo log chawkidaar ko maar rhe the tab vo mukko (punches) ki aawaz mene usko marne ki suni thi aur mere light on krte hi vo shaant ho gye …

And jab mene wc ki light on kri to unme se jo sabse lamba tha usne raushan daan me se dekha ki kon hai ..

Vo teeno aaj tak pakde nhi gye …

Anyways ye meri most fucked up kahani thi abhi tk ki life ki and it still haunts me as ab main 20 yrs ka ho gya hu and abhi bhi kabhi raat ko uthta hu to darta hu ki kya hua hota us raat agr mujhe vo sapna naa aaya hota..

My roommates were out of town. I was alone at my flat, got new Nokia 6600… I mastrubated 11 times that day. That’s my record…

I remember it used to hurt even while peeing after 6th or 7th time.

When I told my roommates about this… They said “Saale! Marr jata toh kisiko pata bhi nahi chalta hum aane tak…”

Anyway but maybe it was over mastrubation that I developed Delayed Ejaculation later in life… And my gf used to come twice or thrice before I used to. Many times she used to get sore and give me BJ. She used to feel sad as if she can’t make me happy… But I was happy with her. Anyway later we parted ways.

Then I got a virgin and she thinks this is normal. Married her 4 years ago.

My father passed away while my mum was preggers with me. In kindergarten I felt different because I was the only person whose father wasn’t present for meetings etc.

When I was five, my mum said she is getting married again. I was happy that finally I would have a father. But mum decided to let my maternal grandma and uncles raise me while she lived in another city with my stepdad.

I had thought I will finally have a father to take to school meetings when in fact I wasn’t going to have a mother for those anymore.

Theek hai yaar itno se confess kia hai to me bhi kr deta hu. vese i am late to this party.

To me vese bada masoom baccha tha school life me. bakchod ho raha tha dheere dheere pr kisi ka bura nhi krta tha.
fir mene 10th me section badal lia or nye section me mujhe bohot bully kia sabne. koi dost nhi tha mera vaha. bohot marte bhi the kyuki me bohot patla tha. techers bhi gand marte the kyuki me padta nhi tha. or padta nhi tha is lie ghar wale bhi gand marte the.

fir 11th me mujhe school change krna pada kyuki mere marks kam the. mere ghar walo ne niklva ke ghar ke pas wale school me dal dia. ( aisa nhi he ki bohot kam marks the, bs school wale start me nakhre dikhate the bad me sbko jo field chahye dedete the pr mere maa baap nhi samajhe is baat ko)

Ab nye school me mene soch lia tha ki me kisi se bully nhi hounga. mere andar itna gussa tha ki mene nye school ki principle ke sath he bakchodiya krdi or mujhe school se nikal dia 12th me. sirf exam de skta tha pr school jana allowed nhi tha.

me 1 saal ghar pe pada raha or mere ghar walo ne itna ganda vyavhaar kia mere sath emotionally ki mere confidence ke lode lag gye.

12th khatam hui to ghar walo ne CA me dal dia. mtlb 12th ke bad bhi ghar pe he pada raha. koi cllg nhi kuch nhi. bs coachings. kuch saal beet gye me fail hota raha.

dheere dheere depression itna bad gaya in sbse ki me pagal sa ho gaya bohot. panic attacks or anxiety attacks to roz ki baat thi. tb us halat me pata bhi nhi tha ki kya hota hai panic attack vgera.

ghar walo ko bhi samajh to ata tha ki theek nhi hai ye. pr wo doctor ke pas lejane ya deep conversation krne ki vajay pandit or jotisho ke pas le jate the. ye upay krlo wo krlo loda lassan.

Me wo optimistic banda tha life me jiska *dekhlenge ho jaega sb* wala attitude tha. sb dheere dheere khatam ho gaya tha. din me 14 15 ghante sona just to avoid life. apne aap ko thappad marna just to feel pain (because that was the only way to feel something, fir chahe pain he sahi. nhi to feelings or emotions to sb numb ho chuke the) Rona chahta tha pr roya nhi jata tha.

ye sb chala kuch 7 saal. na koi degree, na koi cllg, na koi job, na koi dost, na koi hobby ya kuch bhi krne ko. in 7 saalo me dheere dheere mene apne aap ko kho dia completely.

2020 me cheeze theek hone lagi. unexpectedly GF ban gyi bohot aachi insaan thi wo. bohot mentally usne mujhe help kia directly or indirectly bhi. bad me wo bhi cheat kr gyi. pr theek hai.
Fir papa ne partnership me kisi ke sath business pe lagva dia 1.5 sal pehle. mene beech me 1 or course bhi utha lia tha. wo khatam ho jaega ab is saal.

pata hai yaar kya? mere sath bohot galat hua bohot jagah pr. pr somehow na me bs hold krta rha. ya maybe or kr kya skta tha? suicide krne ki ya ghar se bhagne ki himmat nhi thi.

Dheere dheere yaar ab life theek hai. parents ab bhi chintit hai padai ko leke, kabhi pass ho jata hu kabhi pass. Pr na yaar ab wo depression nhi hai. mene dheere dheere krke he sahi ladai ladi hai depression se. wo bhi tb jab pata bhi nhi tha depression kya hota hai.

jb acceptance aane lagi to 1 2 saalo me better ho gaya me. ab bhi kuch life me aacha nhi hota na to zada gam nhi hota kyuki ab itni samajh aa gyi ki wo stage to nhi he na ab jaha hope he nhi thi.

mene bohot dukh jhele hai yaar me explain nhi kr skta yaha. or 95% mere dimag ke khud ke banae hue the wo. depression cheez he aisi hai. akele raha na me 7 saal ghar me kabhi bahar nhi jana, to pagal ho gaya tha.


aaj us stage pe hu life me ki hope bhi hai or cards sahi play kr paya to pesa bhi bohot ho jaega 35 tak.

bohot lamba ho gaya ab. idk koi padega bhi pura OP ke alava… ya OP bhi na pade shayad…

bs all I wana say is, ki dont give up on urself and ur life. koi rahe na rahe pr tum tumhare sath rehne chahye hamesha. kyuki tum khud se door ho gye na ek bar to dubara apne aap ko pana bohot mushkil ho jata hai.

My parents fixed my marriage with a girl who was completely different personality from me…one the first day of our conversation (what I mean from the first day is after my marriage got fixed ,have talking to her for about past 15-18 days approx)she told me don’t like non veg jokes and that type of stuff, My nature is completely different I told her in a fun way that but I like it a lot..I also watch porn sometimes how u r gonna adjust ..etc and we talked a lot of crap..and suddenly she showed all these messages to her family then her family sent those screenshots to my parents now yesterday I was treated like something worse then shit, my father told me u r worse then dog,u r criminal you should go to jail … u should die ..u r worthless piece of shit u have achieved nothing in your career nothing in your life ,u should have been IAS PCS but u just wasting ur life working in private sector and lot more worse for approximately 4 hrs non stop and I was just crying like a little bitch… it feels like everything is ending for me, just getting in deep lvl of depression ….FYI I am 27yr old senior software engineer with package of approx 12lpa in a reputed MNC..but u know what I have fucking decided that whatever I have to do I will do In order to earn more then these IAS PCS, I will burn my self to the ground In order to get the package sufficient enough to make them silent…I know from the bottom of my heart that I am really a good human being, and I don’t deserve this

1) Proposed a girl in 8th std and she humilated me and warned that she will complain to class teacher if I did something Like this again in future, got away from her for 2 years and after 11th she contacted me and around 3 years later we are best friends, I still sorta have feelings for her and also she is going through her first breakup with a boy(who is one of my best friend)

2) Dated a girl for about a week and she was highly interested, we were literally sending flirty texts,love emoticons all day but one day she said “I can’t do this” and just it was over, she is still in my friend circle and I see her regularly, I just want her to admit her mistake and explain to me what went wrong.

3) After 10th board result I went to my buildings terrace, was really depressed about result and many things, was on the edge walking and then one of my friend from the building came and asked “cricket khelne chalega?”, he doesn’t know he saved me that day.

Liked a girl from 7th grade. She found out in 8th cause of my shitty friends. She got super mad, scolded me so badly for liking her that my self esteem went down the drain. She and her friend literally called me in front of the whole class and scolded me. And just saying, i was super confident and extroverted until then. Then, she started saying I’m too introverted i don’t talk to her how will she like me etc etc… Tried becoming friends through text, got blocked cause idk.. Her mood ig. Basically bullied me for not being confident. Then left the country for a year and came back. Still liked her after all that, had got some of my confidence back, heard some rumours that she might have slight interest in me. Went to talk to her, her friend said something bad about me. I got mad, came up with an epic comeback. The girl i liked told me to fuck off. Fast forward 2 more years.. she starts texting me herself and asks if i still like her and said that she likes me. I blocked her.

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