Bent Knees Break Chains | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church

Might 15, 2022
Pastor Steven Furtick
Elevation Church

Whilst the chain of situations isn’t constantly your selection, your future selection still is.

In “Bent Knees Break Chains,” we master that our upcoming isn’t defined by what happens to us, but is affected by our possibilities as an alternative.

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See what God can do as a result of you. This is the eyesight of Elevation Church, led by Pastor Steven Furtick and dependent in Charlotte, NC with several areas all through the US and Canada.

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Portion Titles:
:00 – A New Context
6:25 – Your Situation Influences Your Choices
12:09 – The Influence Of Your Conclusions
15:10 – A Chain Of Gatherings
22:09 – In The Event, There is certainly A Decision
27:33 – You Have A Determination To Make
34:39 – It Is Negative, But God Is Superior
39:59 – What They Did Isn’t going to Define Your Long term
43:25 – The Electric power Of Surrender
49:35 – Complete The Sentence
52:57 – How To Explain to If You’ve got Surrendered
56:24 – Turning Soreness Into Intent
59:30 – A New Beginning

Scripture References:
Genesis 50, verses 14-23
Philippians 2, verse 5

Bent Knees Crack Chains | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church


27 replies on “Bent Knees Break Chains | Pastor Steven Furtick | Elevation Church”

Such a powerful word! Pastor Furtick couldn't have brought this word to life any better than he did so I could see how God wanted me to apply this exact scripture to my current situation, that I needed to remember that God knows what im going through, what has been done to hurt me, and that its not my job to hold onto anger and bitterness, my only job is to get on my knees and give this to him and just trust and believe that he will handle it and that this too he will turn for good. Ive taken pastors advice, I make sure that I spend time every single day on my knees, humbling myself before God, and I can actually feel the chains breaking!! Praise God! Thank you Pastor Furtick, thank you Elevation Church!!

I am so grateful I found this I listen almost daily. What makes it a blessing is it's like my life runs parallel to Steven's words. I admire how he translates the bible to modern-day words. I try to count my blessings daily and pray for the guidance and tools to carry myself and as many as I can influence and help along the way.

God is good all the time, and shows up when it's really bad. He met me in the turmoil of my miscarriage and told me in the worst moment of my despair, "Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them, because the Kingdom of Heaven belongs to such as these." I envisioned the children in heaven running, laughing… And I realized, they get to start out in heaven! All the things we try to protect them from here on earth, this child will never know. What more could I ask for as a mother?? Praise God!! And that's not the only situation He has flipped, He has flipped all my worst situations on their head. That's how good He is- all the time.

I needed to hear this. I have to pray for them and not get even. It hurts me to see myself alone with no family on my side other than my children and my husband. But I know that as I get on my knees God is going to bring to me what’s next for my life. I let go of hurt right now in Jesus name and I forgive everyone who has ever hurt me or my children. I want to make the decision to love even when it’s hard.

Thank you so much pastor Steven. I wish I can write you the 17 pages I have for you of how incredible you are to me. You are literally changing my life (im 20, gonna be 21) and helping me accomplish things, through God, that I cannot begin to express. I am gonna meet you one day to tell you this in person, that’s a promise. There ain’t no way God ain’t gonna bring us together. And when he does I hope you’re okay with the hug I’m gonna give you. I love you and your family. I pray nothing but God’s peace over your guy’s mind and health. Thank you.

Such a great message and an awesome God ordained preacher, Pastor Steven Furtick. Thank you for what you do.

Please pray for my marriage, my husband, my sons, my brother, my Pawpaw, my Uncle, my sons’ schools’; my oldest is in Junior high (7th), and my middle son is in 4th); my youngest is 3. Please pray for my family for them to have strength in the Lord. Jesus Christ. May Gods peace be with all of His born again children who are on the mission to save lost souls. In Jesus name I pray, Amen.

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