Benefits of remaining a mapper

Perks of remaining a mapper

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Had this too. But while making it someone had already made a map of the song I was working on. Now there’s over 5 maps of the song lol. But I’m also so slow making maps. Usually takes months

I’m surprised the Halo 2 Mjolnir Mix hasn’t had a good mapping yet. There is one map, but it’s old and feels awkward

Or for me, it is more like:

“Oh I like this Camellia song, I wonder if someone has made it into a map”

*looks on beatsaver*

“So ain’t beating that”

And then you listen to it a million times while mapping it, and end up hating the song through sheer repetition.

I mapped Doom Eternal: Gladiator box by box it turned out really well I’m just mad I never published it. I have not mapped since however as it took all my sanity to do.

too true, someone tell my why every map is an edm or anime song, just makes trying to find new maps a horrible experience trying to filter it out.

Only reason I attempted to learn mapping, just to realize that I must have terrible hearing because I can’t even map a single note to the beat.

‘Proceeds to use beatsage to have a bot do most of the work, Plays it and decides it deserves better, then takes the map the bot made and tweaks it for 7 minutes and is satisfied’


What program do you use to map? I’ve tried the Beatmapper site which bugs out on me and I tried another and it kept crashing. Safe to say I haven’t had much luck but, I think with the right tools I could make decent maps!

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