Be like that in the very last few times

Be like that in the past couple of times

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Mom let me pour a water bucket on lava to make a nether portal I saw dream do this on YouTube so it must work in real life too

But the species that the swamp frogs are based off of are immune to fireflie’s poison, so make just those frogs eat them.

Seriously like fireflies can be farmful to frogs 😭. Who cares it’s a videogame. Nobody, absolutely nobody will go and catch fireflies and a frog and try to forcefully feed those fireflies to the frog

Why even add polar bears and make those neutral. Polar Bears. One of the most aggressive animals

how bout this, add them and poison the frogs to death in Minecraft so people can be aware that they are poisonous to frogs irl

That’s so true. Us terrarians right now are debating what paint is the worst to make an available slot for a new one due to technical limitations.

Firefly’s were in terraria since 2016, in the 1.3 update (the same update that added frogs). Minecraft got rid of fireflies for “ENDANGERING THE FROGS” in 2022

Minecraft: *removes fireflies*

Terraria players: “So when will this get added?” Redigit: “8 hours ago”

Terraria is moreso “Ok, but no more. This is the *last* update. You hear me? The *final* one. No more. Got it? Good.”

*2 months later*

“Ok, *this* is the last update.”

Yeah I don’t get Mojang at all…I mean, they are adding all those in Minecraft Dungeons…including all the failed mob votes…mfs got Wildfire in there 😐

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