Banker EXPLAINS Top Fraud Scams of 2023!👩🏻‍💼

Have you ever experienced fraud? 🥷 If so, then you probably know how much of a pain it is!

Last year, in 2022, consumers reported losing $8.8 Billion dollars to fraud scams! This was more than a 30% increase from 2021. 💸

In this video, we’ll discuss the most common fraud scams. We’ll also give some real-life examples. Along the way, we’ll also give tips on HOW YOU can PREVENT FRAUD.

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00:00 Intro
01:43 Rule #1 of Fraud Prevention 🥇
02:33 Phishing 🐟
04:10 Phishing Example
05:12 How to Protect Yourself from Phishing 🛡🗡
06:51 ACTUAL Phishing Texts
08:17 Imposter Scams
09:32 Tips to Prevent Imposter Scams 🛡🗡
11:29 Relationship Scams and Elder Abuse
12:20 REAL LIFE Relationship Scam Example ‍💔
14:19 Elder Abuse Example 👴🏼
15:24 Lottery Scams, Prize Scams, and Employment Scams
17:45 Employment Scam Examples
18:49 Tips to Prevent Lottery, Prize, and Employment Scams 🛡🗡
19:50 Investment Scams
20:29 Credit and Debit Card Fraud 💳
21:29 Online Shopping Scams 💻
22:18 Outro

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