Awesome hairstyle

Astounding hairstyle

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That is incredible but how much time would that take?! I know nothing and it would literally take me weeks, maybe months. For somebody good though how long? I’m genuinely curious.

This is dope. I wonder how long this had to take. Gah, likely a couple movies worth of time

Everyone: omg that looks so painful and tight.

Me (an actual POC): they did not pull her hair tight at all and still maintained the neatness. Talent.

I hate to see anyone’s hair pulled tightly, especially children.

I’ve seen crown of kings and queens that weren’t this ornate!

Breathtakingly beautiful.

It’s beautiful. I’d never be able to get this done to my head – my scalp is so tender that I can’t even wear a clip in my hair for very long.

Looks beautiful and painful! My hair hurts after wearing a ponytail all day. EDIT: I see all these comments about how it doesn’t hurt certain hair types. That’s cool, i had no idea there was a difference. I’ve always had a sore scalp at the end of the day from a pony tail even if it’s not tight. Live and learn. The braids are so pretty i can’t imagine how they got everything so nice and even

I am sorry if my question is ignorant. Does that hurt? Does it pull the hair to braid it that tight?

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