24 Hrs inside of a Dollhouse Escape Space in True Everyday living! (Sport Master vs Quadrant Fight Royale)

Rebecca and Daniel did a 24 hour challenge right away to defeat the Quadrant and RZ twin!
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Rebecca Zamolo went lacking just after the RZ twin uncovered the Match Master prime secret laboratory and took them 24 several hours before the celebration day. Matt understood Rebecca and Daniel have been missing and attended a secret assembly with the Video game Learn to expose the function spot and obtain them using the lie detector combination. The GM was also able to hack into the quadrant’s hidden cameras and place the secret footage on RZ’s instagram tales to show they had been risk-free. In today’s online video, we wake up in a large dollhouse in genuine lifestyle and see other YouTuber’s inside with them. All of them aren’t acting like them selves so we consider they may be clones or spy robots. Ro Pansino approached us and instructed us we were being to devote 24hrs inside of devoid of at any time escaping. We decide to join them for tea and get more information and facts, but a mysterious sounds leads to all of them to change routines. Carter and his girlfriend Lizzy give us a clue in advance of the pause obstacle comes about with the flash of my Iphone. Kurt Hugo Schneider plays a tune that we comprehend is a riddle to fix. When I point out the word GameMaster they all start chasing us just before we stop up escaping. Within the future escape rooms have been all factors that we figured out during spy ninja coaching. Fortunately, Matt discovered us and we unlocked the final command place. We at last deactivated the quadrant master approach with the button from the lockbox! Even nevertheless we were ready to quit the event, in which did the RZ Twin escape? Thank you for seeing my PG amusement comedy films for in 2019!

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Letting the Person in Front Of Me DECIDE What I Eat for 24 Hours! (Found Game Master Spy RZ Twin)

New BEST FRIENDS SONG Reveals SECRET Hidden Cameras in HOUSE! (24 Hour Music Video Challenge)
After Rebecca Zamolo played the Giant game board challenge of Candyland with the Game Master network, Matt and Rebecca did a lie detector test on Q to find the truth if he was framed by Daniel. The real game master posted that RZ Twin is missing and we began tracking her to our cabin. Before we started the trending challenge we had to go back to the first place we found the game master while exploring the hidden secret underground tunnel in my house. The clue inside the bag is a giant treasure map. It looks like this is what the quadrant was searching for. To keep up our disguise we needed to start the challenge at starbucks. The person in front of us only ordered 1 item just like Morgz and his mum. Rebecca caught the RZ twin spying on us so we knew we were really tricking her. We then needed to get supplies including a tent for the overnight challenge. Matt and Rebecca were hungry so they went to McDonald’s. They remember that Piper Rockelle and her boyfriend were at the same location. Next they went to the DIY store and facetimed Daniel who was acting a little suspicious. After getting all of the supplies they went home but the RZ twin was back and digging in the hole again. Can we trap her or find out what secret mystery device the game master left in our backyard? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos for in 2019!

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Escaping Game Master Safe House with Mystery Gift Drop! (Announcement Date Reveal Overnight at 3am)

New BEST FRIENDS SONG Reveals SECRET Hidden Cameras in HOUSE! (24 Hour Music Video Challenge)
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After Rebecca Zamolo spent 24 Hours inside a Game Master bounce House, she learned Matt is missing and went searching for him at the safe house. Once inside, Matt and Rebecca were reunited when she found him asleep with a mysterious note and a DNA sample of his hair. In today’s video we received an alert on our Apple Watch from the Game Master telling us to leave the safe house. We used our ninja spy training to sneak back into the underground tunnel. Luckily, when we got back we found the lock box was still safe inside. We drove back to Los Angeles and found a secret code at home. A quadrant ninja must have broke in and planted hidden surveillance. We read Zamfam spy squad comments on our laptop and it helped us solve the Game Master RZ twin disappearance. Was she teleporting? The glasses had tiny riddles and we realized the announcement date was for the Lunar Eclipse happening this Sunday. I’ll be watching it on my Instagram stories and need your help to solve any clues. We heard a drone in the air so we ran upstairs. A parachute landed on our roof with a box attached to it and it felt like a battle royale in real life. A message from the Game Master revealed he had sent it to help protect us from the quadrant ninja and we needed to do an unboxing. What do you think is inside and what are the plans for the event? Thank you for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos for in 2019!

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GIANT BOARD GAME Challenge in Real Life! (RZ Twin tricks Hacker to win $10,000) | Rebecca Zamolo

New BEST FRIENDS SONG Reveals SECRET Hidden Cameras in HOUSE! (24 Hour Music Video Challenge)
Rebecca Zamolo played a giant hacker board game challenge to trick the hacker with RZ Twin! After Rebecca transformed her backyard into a giant waterpark for 24 hours the Game Master network decided to try the only remaining game left which is the dunk tank. Matt and Rebecca along with Daniel played the last to dunk challenge in freezing water. Today Rebecca Zamolo is celebrating her subscribers by playing the worlds largest board game in her backyard including the giant inflatable water park. They are tricking the hacker quadrant because the game Master has a secret plan by using twin telepathy with Rebecca and the RZ twin to disable the security cameras. Matt hasn’t revealed his secret plans yet to show the big surprise under the mysterious blue tarp. In this challenge Daniel, Rebecca and Matt compete against each other with only luck on their side. At each color they have to do different games and the first to finish wins prizes for the zamfam including instagram and tik tok follows. Hopefully they can finish in time and not have to react to a long distance relationship. Who do you think will win? Thanks for watching my PG entertainment comedy videos for in 2019!

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