7 YouTubers WHO Almost DIED ON Digital camera! (Jelly, SSSniperWolf, DanTDM)

In this movie, we countdown the leading 7 YouTubers who scarcely escaped alive caught in their youtube videos. Sometimes, youtubers do some crazy matters leading them in potentially everyday living-threatening situations. Below, we showcase 7 of the most well-liked YouTubers that barely escaped alive. But retain watching until the stop for Jelly’s clip!

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Kid spends $5000 on brother's credit card to buy Vbucks (Fortnite)

In this video we countdown 5 Fortnite/Gaming Pranks That Went Horribly Wrong. From raging kids destroying stuff because of fortnite, brothers buying vbucks without permission, and other crazy moments that should never be done, In this video, we showcase 15 of those crazy times and give our reaction, criticism, opinions, and rank them in our top 15 list. But make sure to watch till the end for a surprise!

Disclaimer: Don’t try anything in this video, we are showing you what not to do and what consequences could happen if you tried any of these things. It’s for educational viewing to show the consequences of actions and why you should NEVER Attempt the things in the video. We want to keep YouTube a safe place, so DO NOT ATTEMPT ANYTHING in the videos.

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Psycho Dad CRUSHES PS4 with TRUCK! (Fortnite)

We show a Dad Crushes PS4 with a truck/car. Some people just misbehave and even start raging that makes their parents start to rage leading to broken PS4’s and broken Xbox’s as punishment. These fortnite addicted people have done a few things that upset their parents even to the point where one guy gets his xbox run over by a car and gets crushed. These fails are crazy and we show the top rages of 2020 and biggest rages ranking them and commentating over them, but stick around till the end for a surprise you won’t expect!
This video is not meant to tease or make fun of people in the video, we want to show how some parents discipline their kids and most of the clips turn out to be a skit for comedic purposes, so kids are not being harassed or distressed in these clips.

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