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Elrond is a person of the most critical characters all through The Lord of the Rings, The Hobbit, and the Silmarillion. His lifetime would be one particular comprehensive of significance, but also separation from these he beloved. Via hardship and war, he would rise to turn out to be one of the wisest and most potent rulers in Center-earth.

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Elrond – WETA
Elrond and Celebrian – Kuliszu
Elrond and Elros – Kinko White
Elrond, Elros, and Maglor – Jenny Dolfen
Very last Alliance – Skullb*st*rd
Elrond in the Next Age – Soni Alcorn-Hender
Downfall of Numenor – Donato Giancola
Isildur and the ring – Andrea Piparo
Elrond and Estel – Kuliszu
Elrond – Alystraea
Beleriand Map – Lamaarcana
Luthien in the court of Morgoth – Pete Amachree
Tenting – Tolman Cotton
Elrond, Elros, Earendil, and Elwing – Jenny Dolfen
The Oath Has Been Awakened – Jenny Dolfen
Earendil and Elwing – Steamey
Maglor took pity upon them – Catherine Karina Chmiel
Maglor’s Fostering – Turner Mohan
War of Wrath – Dracarysdrekkar7
Earendil and the Battle of Eagles and Dragons – Ted Nasmith
Maglor and Elrond – Jenny Dolfen
Manwe Sulimo – Christina Kraus
Beren and Luthien – Janka Lateckova
Tuor and Idril – Jenny Dolfen
Andunie – Ralph Damiani
Elros seeking west from Numenor – Anke Eissmann
Andunie – David Greset
Elrond – Jenny Dolfen
Till the earth is broken and remade – Jenny Dolfen
Armenelos – Ralph Damiani
Elrond – WETA
The Forging – Ralph Damiani
Sauron, the War of the Very last Alliance – Matt DeMino
Sauron – WETA
Rivendell – Ted Nasmith
Journeying up the Gwathlo – Anke Eissmann
Drakar – David Greset
Rivendell at Sunset – Kuliszu
Celebrian – Jenny Dolfen
The Destroying Wave about Numenor – Kip Rasmussen
Minas Tirith – Ralph Damiani
Sauron – Jerry Vanderstelt
Noldor Armor – David Greset
The Last Alliance – Jenny Dolfen
Sauron vs Elendil and Gil-galad on Orodruin – Kip Rasmussen
Breaking of Narsil – John Howe
Isildur – Soni Alcorn-Hender
Isildur’s Final Counselor – Anke Eissmann
Ohtar Will take Leave of Isildur – Anke Eissmann
The Demise of Isildur – Anke Eismann
Elrond and Narsil – Donato Giancola
Isildur – Sara M Morello
Elrond – Steve Airola
Rivendell – Alan Lee
Arwen – Jenny Dolfen
Rivendell – Alan Lee
Rivendell – Ivan Cavini
Carn Dum, Angmar – Matthew Stewart
Witch King – LOTRO
Gondorian Defend – Fantasy Flight
Glorfindel returns to Rivendell – Jenny Dolfen
Rivendell – Ralph Damiani
Arthedain Rangers – Fantasy Flight
Elrond – Magali Villeneuve
Aragorn at Helm’s Deep – Donato Giancola
Ringbearers – Jenny Dolfen
Elrond – Sarka Skorpikova
Orcs Debate – Turner Mohan
Lord of Rivendell – Kinko White
Celebrian – Jenny Dolfen
Grey Havens – Ralph Damiani
Rivendell – Jerry Vanderstelt
Elrond – Anke Eissmann
Orcrist – Ted Nasmith
Tuor Reaches Gondolin – Ted Nasmith
The Map of Thorin – Donato Giancola
Gandalf, Doors of Moria – Donato Giancola
Thorin Oakenshield – Anke Eissmann
Attack on Dol Guldur – Angus McBride
Strider – Matthew Stewart
Strider – CK Goksoy
Aragorn – Adam Middleton (WETA)
Tinuviel Reborn – Ted Nasmith
Arwen – Jerry Vanderstelt
Aragorn and Arwen – Sara M Morello
Arwen and Aragorn – Matthew Stewart
Elrond Fifty percent-elven – Donato Giancola
Arwen’s Present – Anke Eissmann
Imladris – Sara M Morello
Arwen and Elessar – Brothers Hildebrandt
Saruman – Donato Giancola
Saruman the White – Matt DeMino
Gandalf and Frodo analyze the ring – Donato Giancola
Amon Sul – Tolman Cotton
Frodo’s Recovery – Donato Giancola
Gandalf and Frodo in Rivendell – Anke Eissmann
Council of Elrond – Alan Lee
Gandalf and Frodo – Andrea Piparo
Sauron’s Military at Barad-dur – Shadow of War
The Reforging of the Sword – Darrell Sweet
Fellowship in Hollin – Donato Giancola
What Say You – Bembiann
Hence Came Aragorn – Ted Nasmith
The Final Discussion – Alan Lee
Elrohir – Magali Villeneuve
Rangers Scout the Ruins of Barad-dur – Ted Nasmith
Coronation – Anke Eissmann
The Steward and the King – Anke Eissmann
Luthien – Jenny Dolfen
Departure at the Gray Havens – Ted Nasmith
Gray Havens – Tolman Cotton
A Summertime Trip – Kuliszu

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Sauron in the Second Age | Tolkien Stated (Prolonged Edition)

The story of the 2nd Age is one particular pushed by its villain: Sauron. Right here we see the Darkish Lord use his terrific powers of manipulation time and again, resulting in the Rings of Electricity and the downfall of Numenor. We also see him use his instruments of brute energy, fear, and oppression in his work to dominate all of Center-earth.

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Sauron – Shadow of War
The Forging – Ralph Damiani
Sauron, The War of the Final Alliance – Matt DeMino
Drowning of Andunie – John Howe
Sauron – Jerry Vanderstelt
Gil-galad, Sauron, Elendil – Tom Romain
Sauron’s Military at Barad-dur – Shadow of War
Tulkas Chaining Morgoth – Kip Rasmussen
You Can Continue to Repent – AnotherStranger
Will you Forgiveme – Sarka Skorpikova
Manwe – Steamey
Sauron – Toherrys
Haradrim archer – CK Goksoy
Easterling Warriors – Tom Romain
Sauron the Deceiver – Toherrys
Morgoth and the Significant King – Ted Nasmith
Sauron in Mordor – WETA
Battle in the length – Felix Englund
Sauron the Deceiver – Ralph Damiani
Imperial Numenorean – Turner Mohan
Elf of Lorien – Sara Morello
Sauron, Commander of Angband – Toherrys
Sauron the Deceiver – skullb*st*rd
Annatar – WETA
Annatar – Shadow of War
The Very last Alliance – Jenny Dolfen
The Mighty Sauron – Toherrys
Celebrimbor – Shadow of War
Eregion – Ralph Damiani
Celebrimbor – Angus McBride
Annatar and Celebrimbor – Soni Alcorn-Hender
Celebrimbor and Annatar – AnotherStranger
Elven Realm – Ralph Damiani
Sauron forging the ring – Alan Lee
Sauron forging the ring – Ivan Cavini
Forging the One particular Ring – Marko Manev
Eye of Sauron – John Howe
Sauron – Akreon
Annatar – Aleksandra Skiba
A Lament for Gil-galad – Dracarysdrekkar7
Celebrimbor – AnotherStranger
Previous Alliance – Skullb*st*rd
Cirith Gorgor – Ted Nasmith
Ugluk – John Howe
Trolls – John Howe
Easterling – Turner Mohan
Moria Gate – Ted Nasmith
Celebrimbor in the dungeons – AnotherStranger
Celebrimbor – Jenny Dolfen
Eldalonde – Ralph Damiani
Sauron – Janka Lateckova
Armenelos – Ralph Damiani
Eressea – David Greset
The forging of the rings – Ivan Cavini
Dwarf sketch – Andrea Piparo
Sauron and Nine Mortal Gentlemen – Lida Holubova
The Keeper of One particular of the Rings – Steamey
Khamul the Easterling – Fantasy Flight
Nazgul – Felix Englund
The King of the Nazgul – Catherine Chmiel
Nazgul – Catherine Chmiel
Nazgul – Rui Goncalves
Sauron – AnotherStranger
Romenna – David Greset
Ar-Pharazon – Steamey
Ar-Pharazon – Dracarysdrekkar7
Sauron bows, submits to Ar-Pharazon – Kip Rasmussen
Sauron and Ar-Pharazon – Soni Alcorn-Hender
Sauron and Ar-Pharazon – Janka Lateckova
Eru Iluvatar – Janka Lateckova
Morgoth Arrived – Jenny Dolfen
Ar-Pharazon – Edvige Faini
Armenelos – Skullb*st*rd
Sauron, significant priest of Melkor – Skullb*st*rd
Numenor – Sarka Skorpikova
The King’s Councelor – Turner Mohan
Downfall of Numenor – Dracarysdrekkar7
The Fall of Numenor – Darrell Sweet
Morgoth breaking the siege – Dracarysdrekkar7
Darkish Majesty – Jerry Vanderstelt
Sauron – Akreon
Black Numenorean – Dracarysdrekkar7
Morannon – Matej Cadil
Dead Marshes – Steamey
Sauron vs Elendil and Gil-galad on Orodruin – Kip Rasmussen
Isildur’s Bane – Andrea Piparo
Isildur’s Bane – Donato Giancola
Traveler to Dol Guldur – Felix Englund
The Realm of Sauron is Ended – Matej Cadil
Nazgul bowing just before Sauron – Kip Rasmussen
Stalker – Skullb*st*rd

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