How to Come across the Great Gift for Your Father

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Go past the usual tie and golf shirt to obtain your father the fantastic gift.

Move 1:
Give Father anything he truly wishes. In accordance to surveys, that means, in buy: a food out with the household a present card a homemade gift songs, publications, DVDs, or online video game titles a sports or pastime-associated gift equipment or appliances travel or a weekend getaway or an digital or laptop or computer-associated reward.

Move 2:
If you just can’t assemble the total family, at least make a date with Dad for some quality a person-on-1 time, even if it is just seeing a movie and grabbing a burger later on.

Move 3:
Fulfill one of your dad’s goals, like staying a fighter pilot or driving on a real racetrack. Of course, items like this can get pricey, but you can normally get your mom and/or siblings to pitch in.

Your reward does not have to be also wildly extravagant. You can also set up a shock check out from an outdated army buddy or childhood pal.

Action 4:
Reconsider all those present-of-the-thirty day period golf equipment, which now have absent very well beyond fruit. You can have Dad receive a month-to-month cargo of chocolate, wine, cigars, cookies, barbecue sauces, pie, connoisseur delicacies, and so on. You can even send out him out to a new restaurant every month.

You really do not have to spring for all 12 months normally you can signal up for as number of as a few.

Move 5:
Create him a letter of many thanks, and make it as distinct as you can. For illustration, don’t just say, ‘You were being usually there for me.’ Thank him for supplying up all individuals weekends to coach your softball staff.

You can enclose your letter in a selfmade card. Dads like them.

Stage 6:
Do a thing he’s been inquiring you to do, like get a haircut or assist him clear the yard.

No matter what you do, never get him a necktie. Study displays it is dads’ minimum most loved present, followed by aftershave, underwear, and socks.

Action 7:
If all else fails, check with your mother to locate out what he needs, even if she has to ask him. It’s not as inspired, but it will assurance that Dad will get particularly what he desires.

Did You Know?
In the ’60s, aftershave, hair-care items, and electrical shavers were being the most well-known Father’s Working day presents.



How to Select the Excellent Valentine&#39s Working day Gift for Her

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Preserve like in the air by locating her the ideal gift for Valentine’s Working day. A very little pampering could definitely spice up your romance.

Step 1: Give a appreciate take note or card
Slip a appreciate be aware or card under her pillow. A card is the most well known present for Valentine’s Working day — and simply because ladies invest in the most greeting playing cards, she most likely presently got you one particular.

Action 2: Pamper her
Pamper her with a spa retreat. A manicure, facial, and a therapeutic massage will unquestionably earn her coronary heart.

Couple retreats are also accessible, so you can share the knowledge.

Action 3: Make her day
Set sparkle in her day with gemstone earrings, a tennis bracelet, or a coronary heart-formed pendant. Remember — diamonds are a girl’s finest good friend.

Action 4: Hold her glimmering eternally
Maintain her glimmering without end by naming a star immediately after her. The reward can direct to an night out — get a blanket and star gaze!

Search on the internet for a business that names stars.

Step 5: Give her designer use
Make her pals jealous by supplying her a designer purse, check out, or sunglasses.

Move 6: Share a intimate evening
Set a smile on her confront by sharing a romantic night time with each other at a mattress and breakfast or at a regional resort. Purchase some strawberries and champagne for dessert.

Step 7: Rent a limousine
Rent a limousine and take her out on the city. Flirt with her and give her compliments to make her truly feel exclusive. Shelling out time with each other is the finest reward.

Did You Know?
Adult males pick out extra critical and intimate cards than ladies.



How to Buy a First-Year Wedding Anniversary Gift

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A first-year wedding anniversary is an important celebration for you and your spouse. Use this guide to make sure the gift is as memorable as the past year.

Step 1: Give them the world
Give them the world — get your spouse a wall map to hang on the wall — a fun way to chronicle all your future adventures together. Since paper is the traditional first-anniversary gift, you’ll be killing two birds with one stone.

Use push pins to mark all your trips.

Step 2: Blow up a picture
Blow up a funny picture of the two of you and frame it. Every time you walk by the picture, you will both smile.

Step 3: Slip a note
Slip a note in their pocket telling them to meet you where your first encounter took place. The surprise and subtlety will bring you both back.

Step 4: Get board games
Get a collection of board games so you can play on cold or rainy days, or with friends and family for a game night.

Step 5: Plant a tree
Plant a tree together in your backyard. Watch your love grow and the tree grow over the years.

Step 6: Name a star after your spouse
Show your love is as wide as the universe by naming a star after your spouse. You’ll always be able to see it glimmering.

You can search online for a company that names stars. Terms like “star naming” or “name your own star” will yield several results.

Step 7: Write a love note
Write a love note for your spouse and store it in a shoebox. Add a new love note to the box each year. Happy first anniversary!

Did You Know?
In 2008, the average age for first-time marriages in the United States was 26 for women and 28 for men.



How to Pick the Perfect Valentine's Day Gift for Him

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It’s not always the guy’s job to provide the romance in your relationship. Make Valentine’s Day memorable by finding the perfect gift for him.

Step 1: Give a handheld organizer
Give him a handheld organizer. Not only is it handy technology for him, but you’ll make sure he is always on time for future dates.

Step 2: Give grooming products
Keep him looking his best by giving him grooming products. Pay attention to the scents he enjoys wearing.

Cologne, skin cream, and shaving products are good options.

Step 3: Stock his bar
Stock his bar or man cave with his favorite drinks and bar supplies.

Step 4: Give a subscription
Give him a subscription to a sports or business magazine to show you support his interests.

Autographed sports memorabilia is also a great option if you can find it.

Step 5: Keep him trendy
Keep him trendy and feeling confident by giving him a fashionable jacket, warm gloves, or a wallet.

Step 6: Give movies
Surprise him with a collection of his favorite movies. Guys like movie nights better when they like the movie!

Step 7: Slip a note or card
Slip a note or card under his pillow to add some surprise to the holiday. Have a happy Valentine’s Day!

Did You Know?
Over 80 percent of greeting cards are purchased by women.



How to Sell Used Textbooks on Amazon

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Are you done with classes and want to get rid of all those used college textbooks? You can become an individual seller via’s Marketplace, or exchange books for cash through their Buyback program.

Step 1: Open an Amazon account
Open an Amazon account if you don’t already have one. Sign up for an individual seller account if you decide to sell through Marketplace.

Step 2: Search for your book
Search for your book by title or ISBN number at the Marketplace’s “Sell Your Stuff” page. Click on “Sell Yours Here.”

You can sell no more than 40 books through an Marketplace individual seller account.

Step 3: Select your book’s condition
Select your book’s condition and set the price when selling via the Marketplace. Set the shipping method at least for standard shipping.

For new textbook sellers, Amazon offers free tutorial “webinars” that include pricing books and managing multiple orders.

Step 4: Consider the Textbook Buyback program
Consider selling back your book to a third party vendor via the Textbook Buyback program. To participate, your book has to be in “good” condition.

Compared to a Marketplace sale, you’ll only get a small percentage of your book’s original price through the Buyback program.

Step 5: Search for your trade-in value
Search for your book’s trade-in value by title or ISBN at the Textbook Buyback page. Your book must match the exact version determined by the ISBN.

Step 6: Assess your book’s condition
Assess your book’s condition. A “good” condition involves no damage to the cover, pages, binding, or associated media like CDs or DVDs.

Step 7: Print an Amazon shipping label
Print an Amazon shipping label and packing slip. Ship your book to Amazon for free. Trade-in payment comes in the form of an Amazon gift card.

Step 8: Ship your book to the buyer
Ship your book directly to the buyer if your book sells through Amazon’s Marketplace program. All sellers are required to offer at least standard shipping. Once you’ve made some sales, you’ll be glad to have some extra space on your bookshelves — and a little cash in your pocket.

Did You Know?
Amazon founder Jeff Bezos originally named the company “Cadabra” like “Abracadabra,” but reconsidered because it sounded too much like “Cadaver.”



How to Send a Gift

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You took the time to pick out the perfect gift, now follow this advice to get it safe and sound to its final destination.

Step 1: Include a label
Include a label on the inside of the package as well as on the outside with the complete destination address and your return address.

Step 2: Take out batteries
Take all batteries out of electronic devices before shipping.

Step 3: Use a shipping box
Use a box designed for shipping. Do not use gift boxes — they are not strong enough and may get damaged during transportation.

If you want the recipient to be able to unwrap the present, place the wrapped gift in a shipping box for safe transportation.

Step 4: Secure with packaging tape
Secure all seams of the box with packaging tape.

Step 5: Fill out address
Fill out the address to whoever is receiving the gift. Make sure it’s written accurately, you don’t want to get it back!

Step 6: Provide sufficient postage
Provide sufficient postage. If you’re unsure of how many stamps to put on it, take it to the post office and they’ll weigh it and send it out for you.

Did You Know?
In 2009, Warren Buffet gave $1.25 billion to the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation — part of his plan to ultimately give the foundation more than $30 billion.



How to Make a Guitar Pick from an Old Gift Card

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Save your money and make new guitar picks from maxed out gift cards by following these simple steps.

Step 1: Position pick
Position the guitar pick on the flat surface of the gift card, so you can use it as a template for the new pick.

Make guitar picks from hard plastic or any stiff cardboard packaging.

Step 2: Trace new pick
Trace the shape of the new pick by holding the template down firmly and tracing the outline with the felt-tip marker.

Step 3: Remove pick
Remove the template pick from the surface and lay it aside.

Step 4: Cut out pick
Cut out the new pick using the utility knife or scissors. Now start shredding!

Did You Know?
Legendary guitarist Les Paul built the first popular solid-body electric guitar.



How to Pick Guy's Valentine's Day Gift | Understand Men

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When it comes to Valentine’s Day, a gift from the heart always means something to a man.

But recognize that men are a little different than women, okay? The kind of gifts that you might be thinking you like, isn’t going to necessarily be the gifts that he might like.

So when it comes to those maybe cute little teddy bears or little flowers and hearts, those don’t really turn on a guy.

What really turns on a guy might be something experiential. Imagine a day on a race track. He’s getting into his testosterone. He’s getting into his manlihood. All these great places where you can do things like race track driving, flying up in a jet or even a hot air balloon ride with your sweetheart.

How about tickets to his favorite sporting event? So if he likes a certain football team or a basketball team. Guys don’t really like the tchotchke kind of gifts.

He doesn’t need another stapler with his favorite football team on it or something with a coffee mug. Something different is going to be something that he remembers.

So think of that, not the gifts that you like, maybe flowers or chocolate or teddy bears. That’s what you want. What he wants is something that he can experience and he’ll associate you with that gift.

And I guarantee he’s going to appreciate it and he’s going to love you for it.