Gift Blessing – Shake that Body (Go through the Lyrics) (Official New music Online video)

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Artist, Songwriter: Reward Blessing
Developed by: DavidSanyaBeats
Mix and grasp: Måns Gabriel Billner
Subtitles by: Present Blessing
Filmed by: Majid Alawi
Edited by: Vfxsani
Directed by: Reward Blessing
Dancer: Josefin Johansson

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Gift Blessing – Tiny Kid, Pt. 1 (feat. MARTA) [Read the Lyrics] [Official Music Video]

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Artists: Reward Blessing, MARTA
Songwriter: Present Blessing
Created by: LCS
Mix and grasp: Måns Billner
Filmed and edited by: Creststudios
Directed by: Reward Blessing, Creststudios

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NF – When I Grow Up (Present Blessing Remix) [read the lyrics]

“Gift Blessing feat. MARTA – Minor Boy or girl Pt. 1 (read through the lyrics)” out now on all significant platforms! track of/264LcOb9clCeacFbvkVwgO?si=K9MCmlMdScK6S7HZGwFCZg through-the-lyrics-feat-marta-solitary/1510329428?uo=4 one-pt-1-go through-the-lyrics-lyrics

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Artist, Songwriter: Reward Blessing
Choreography by: Josefin Johansson
Dancers: Josefin Johansson ft Elit (Kalle Eriksson, Alicia Steinholtz, Elwira Steinholtz, Emi Kadowaki, Filippa Axén, Nira Uppugunduri, Saga Kadowaki)
Reprod: Mucicirano beats
Blend and learn: Logos
Filmed and edited by: @Creststudiosalex
Directed by: Present Blessing, Alexander “creststudiosalex” Boestad

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Gift Blessing – Minimal Baby, Pt. 2 (feat. Tuva Welin) [Read the Lyrics] [Official Music Video]

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Artists: Present Blessing, Tuva Welin
Songwriter: Gift Blessing
Developed by: Tellingbeatzz
Blend and master: Måns Billner
Filmed and edited by: Creststudios
Directed by: Gift Blessing, Creststudios

Social media: @Giftblessingmusic



Present Blessing – CHAOS (Animated Video clip) ft. Tuva Welin

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Credit score:
Director: Present Blessing
Producer: Present Blessing
Animation: Empire Animate
Videography: Atencion Generation
Put up-generation: Alexander “Creststudios” Boestad
Story by: Present Blessing
Sound engineer: Måns G. Billner
Seem structure: Måns G. Billner, Gift Blessing
Video clip commissioner: Reward Blessing
Casting: Reward Blessing
Protagonist: Reward Blessing
Metacharacter (Psychopomp/guide): Israel G. Blessing
Therapist: Adrian Verheyke
Customer: Josefin Johansson
Singer: Tuva Welin

Distinctive thanks: Alexander Vibeck, Skylten

Component 1:
I dislike myself
And I will f*cking loathe you if you feel sorry for me
I’m fatigued
I’m sickly depressed
Sinking in strain
But really do not come to feel sorry for me ’cause I swear to god I did this to myself
I Constantly gotta desire
Usually gotta scheme
Usually gotta would like
For the most difficult matters
Constantly gotta imagine
I can never blink
It’s my minimal youngster
It is life is in my palms
But I want that I could smash its brains out
‘Cause it is a worthless hungry parasite
That is slowly and gradually killing me within just
Often gotta ink lyrics with double meanings
If no a person hears it then it’s meaningless
And I’m terrified of what that suggests
Appear at all the sacrifice I made
Misplaced my woman
Lost my mates
For some supporters who by no means cared
I pursued a foolish desire and dropped my educational grades
No marvel I never see my father
He most likely hides at the rear of that disgrace
Misplaced my rest
Misplaced my mind
Shed the hunger I experienced
So I skip just about every dinner and leave my entire household betrayed
And my guilt is having me ’cause they retain serving me a plate
But I ain’t coming
They will all die famished if they wait around
Glimpse at the goddamn outrageous charges that I paid out
For a psychedelic state
Acquired a poor trip alternatively of a divine significant that could’ve elevated me
I’m very damn overcome
So I easily could possibly as well just dive into this incredibly lake
For I have sacrificed all the realest points in lifestyle for a fantasy I hate
Funny matter is I’m pretty damn informed
But for a seriously long time
I have neglected about the variety of life that I brutally set at stake
For the sensation of fiddling with the vigorous pen
That is creating a town of literary mastery
Towering in direction of the spirit of God
Then it breaks
For I’m creating to escape
From the issues that I build
And I’m rattling in a corner with a stimulant tablet
I’m battling hell
Might as very well die with this little one in this lake I’m-

Component 2:
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh ooh
Ooh ooh ooh

Audio video clip by Gift Blessing (ft. Tuva Welin) undertaking Chaos (Animated Movie).

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