Attempting to prevent the car or truck with legs

Striving to quit the car or truck with legs

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27 replies on “Attempting to prevent the car or truck with legs”

I really enjoy how the dude in the foreground is all like, “Flee! Flee! Flee! Oh, supervise.”

He put his arms behind his back so quickly, why did he put his arms behind his back so quickly. What secrets does he hold behind his back

Did the dude directly in front of the camera realize he was being filmed partway through lol

I like how the old guy goes from running for his life to hands behind his back leisurely observing once he’s clear

This is a very confusing video. That crane isn’t attached, the truck is rolling fast enough that it might have been upside down half a second before the video starts except how’d that guy get on?

I think one of the options could have to been to continue rolling and do a bunch of somersaults.

Why is it that every disaster video in india features an old guy in a white buttonup shirt standing there watching with his hands behind his back?

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